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‘Cat Person’ in The New Yorker: A Discussion With the Author
Every so often Margot gets a flash of actual insight into Robert’s mind-set. But her empathy ropes her into continuing the date. Can empathy be a double-edged sword?

That’s exactly right. Margot’s empathetic imagination is working on overdrive here, and throughout the story. Her skills at reading other people make her socially adept, but because imaginative empathy is still, fundamentally, imagination, she is also easily misled.

She thinks she can see inside Robert; she believes she knows more about him than she does, and that keeps the date catapulting forward when it might otherwise have come to an end. The people I know who tend to be drawn to the most troubled men are these incredibly empathetic, imaginative young women, and sometimes I wonder if that’s a piece of it: how good they are at creating a compelling back story for men who have done nothing to earn it.
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19 hours ago by winekitteh
First Women in Tech
WSJ on systemic sexism at the beginning of computer science
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21 hours ago by nelson
Men have been pushing women out of tech since the beginning / Boing Boing
Sexism was so extreme in the UK that it played a significant part in the collapse of its first domestic computer industry in the 1960s, writes the WSJ's Christopher Mims:

Not only were the male recruits often less qualified, they frequently left the field because they viewed it as an unmanly profession. A shortage of programmers forced the U.K. government to consolidate its computers in a handful of centers with the remaining coders. It also meant the government demanded gigantic mainframes and ignored more distributed systems of midsize and mini computers, which had become more common by the 1960s

In 1984, 37% of computer science degrees were awarded to women, but it's been in decline ever since. Women are leaving the industry in increasing numbers, "despite" its "diversity and inclusion efforts."

If a firm has hired its first 10 employees and they are all the same gender or ethnicity, an eleventh who doesn’t look like the rest can face challenges.
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22 hours ago by Quercki
Reel dilemma | The Guardian
Are we condoning the conduct of Hollywood's tyrants by watching their films?
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yesterday by mirthe
Weinstein’s Complicity Machine
Favorite tweet:

How did Harvey Weinstein rack up forty years of sexual abuse allegations? He had a lot of help. Our new investigation, just published:

— jodikantor (@jodikantor) December 6, 2017
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3 days ago by jeremyhiggs
Artificial intelligence could hardwire sexism into our future. Unless we stop it | World Economic Forum
Studies show that AI and machine learning not only reflect contemporary human biases, but amplify them
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3 days ago by automationeye

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