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ide online basado en eclipse-che y docker
ide  online  java  javascript  python  r  html5  css  eclipse  docker 
6 hours ago by pacoalcaide
Do more with R: drag-and-drop ggplot | InfoWorld
Do more with R: drag-and-drop ggplot | InfoWorld
R  tutorial  ggplot  t  vis 
9 hours ago by paulbradshaw
Setting `session$userData` on the parent session from within a module · Issue #1546 · rstudio/shiny
Related to #1512 I want to add a flag to the session so that I know if this is the first time or not that a function gets called. I do this using the new session$userData env. When modules are not involved, this is fine. If the function ...
shiny  R  followup  modules 
11 hours ago by eric-ruser
Do more with R: drag-and-drop ggplot
Drag-and-drop interface for ggplot2 in Rstudio. Definitely worth digging further in to!
ggplot2  R  R_packages  GUI  plotting  graphics 
13 hours ago by hallucigenia
Introduction to pitchRx package
"The R package pitchRx provides tools for collecting Major League Baseball (MLB) Gameday data and visualizing PITCHf/x. This page provides a rough overview of it’s scope, but the RJournal article is more comprehensive. The source file used to generate this page is helpful to see how to embed pitchRx animations in to documents using knitr. If coding isn’t your thing, you might want to just play with my PITCHf/x visualization app!"
r  baseball  statistics  pitchfx  sabermetrics 
yesterday by grahams

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