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Join the R4DS online learning community in the weekly #TidyTuesday event! Every week we post a raw dataset, a chart or article related to that dataset, and ask you to explore the data. While the dataset will be “tamed”, it will not always be tidy! As such you might need to apply various R for Data Science techniques to wrangle the data into a true tidy format. The goal of TidyTuesday is to apply your R skills, get feedback, explore other’s work, and connect with the greater #RStats community! As such we encourage everyone of all skills to participate!
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8 hours ago by paulbradshaw
Dplyr Joins with Duplicate Key
Dissertation- first used this on Center data
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10 hours ago by ebovee
randy3k/radian: A 21 century R console
Note: install with pip3, not pip.
yesterday by phnk
rstd.io/wtf-2019-rsc | wtf-2019-rsc
> What They Forgot to Teach You About R, 2019 January 15/16 @ rstudio::conf

A good summary of R stuff that most users never care about, e.g. [1].
[1]: https://jeroen.github.io/uros2018/
2 days ago by phnk

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