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Where is the llama for FS2? – SoftwareMill Tech Blog
Integration of different data sources is quite a common task during everyday developer work. Is there anyone, who never needed to read information from one place, transform it, and save them…
stream  enterprise  apachecamel  akka  reactive  programming  alpakka 
34 minutes ago by gilberto5757
Removing JavaScript’s “this” keyword makes it a better language. Here’s why.
this is of course the source of much confusion in JavaScript. The reason being that this depends on how the function was invoked, not where the function was defined. Methods are functions that are…
javascript  oop  this  removal  proposal  functional  programming  advocacy 
48 minutes ago by gilberto5757
On Infrastructure at Scale: A Cascading Failure of Distributed Systems
Interesting devops postmortem. Most surprising bit: they run prod as a much smaller environment than dev
programming  devops 
1 hour ago by JorgeAranda
Blockly  |  Google Developers
A JavaScript library for building visual programming editors.

Similar to Scratch.
visual  programming 
2 hours ago by tobym

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