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Memoizing promise call to increase the performance of your client/server side javascript code 💪
If I assume those who are reading this post have some experience in programming in javascript either in client or server side. Then I can safely say that there are times when you have situation when…
memoize  promise  call  performance  javascript  async 
yesterday by jimthedev
Development Metrics You Should Use But Don't
Cat Swetel discusses new ways and tools to visualize a team’s reliability and variability of delivery using the data already collected.
estimation  lean  development  team  performance  work 
yesterday by kwbr
High Performance Browser Networking (O'Reilly)
Performance is a feature. This book provides a hands-on overview of what every web developer needs to know about the various types of networks (WiFi, 3G/4G), transport protocols (UDP, TCP, and TLS), application protocols (HTTP/1.1, HTTP/2), and APIs available in the browser (XHR, WebSocket, WebRTC, and more) to deliver the best—fast, reliable, and resilient—user experience.
book  browser  networking  performance 
yesterday by stuartcw
iPad Pro 2nd Gen/MacBook Performance Comparison:
As you can see, the Geekbench 4 benchmark confirms that the iPad Pro (2nd Gen) models roughly are 30% faster than their predecessors. It also demonstrates that they actually are faster than the entry-level MacBook and even are competitive with the 13" MacBook Pro for some tasks. Definitely impressive, not just impressive for a tablet computer, but impressive outright.
ipad  performance 
yesterday by euler

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