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North Korea's Naenara Web Browser: It's Weirder Than We Thought
Naenara Browser is the DPRK’s version of Firefox that comes built into Red Star OS, the official operating system of North Korea. I recently got my hands on Naenara Browser version 3.5. My first impression in playing with it is that this is one ancient version of Firefox. Like maybe more than a half dozen major revisions out of date? It’s hard to tell for sure in cursory checking but the menus remind me of something I used to use 5+ years ago. That’s not too surprising; it’s tough to have a browser and update it all the time, especially with such a small team devoted to the project, as I’m sure they have a lot of other things going on.
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4 days ago by Frontrunner
Project Oberon
Project Oberon is a design for a complete desktop computer system from scratch. Its simplicity and clarity enables a single person to know and implement the entire system, while still providing enough power to make it useful and usable in a production environment. This website contains information and resources to help you explore and use the system. The project is fully described in a book — Project Oberon: The Design of an Operating System, a Compiler, and a Computer — written by the designers, Niklaus Wirth and Jürg Gutknecht. The second (2013) edition of the book and the accompanying code are published on Prof. Wirth's website. We provide links to the original material here, along with local packaged copies, with kind permission from the authors.
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7 days ago by danimad

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