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Why cheap, outdated Android phones widen the digital security divide
While Google regularly updates its operating system for its own Nexus and now Pixel devices, users of less expensive Android phones have to wait much longer. Android updates are so slow to roll out that adoption rates for older software versions gain market share after new ones are released, in stark contrast with quick adoption rates for new iPhone versions. Bloomberg reported in May that 84 percent of Apple’s mobile devices run the latest software, compared with 7.5 percent for Android. - Yael Grauer, Reveal
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6 hours ago by dmcdev
the micro retro gaming console
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10 hours ago by lpuerto
Qubes OS 4.0 Previews Code Refactoring Of Core Functionality, New Features
The kind folks from previously OTF-supported <strong>Qubes OS</strong> "...offered a sneak preview for the the upcoming major Qubes OS 4.0 release, which has gone through some code refactoring for its “Core3” management architecture. Qubes OS, the security-focused operating system that isolates multiple core parts of the operating system by using different virtual machines, will soon reach version 4.0, six years after its first release. The team shared some details for what the new version will entail." - Lucian Armasu, Tom's Hardware
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yesterday by dmcdev
QEMU Advent Calendar 2016
An interesting QEMU Operating System diskimage each day.
Via HN: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=13118291
hackernews  qemu  os 
yesterday by richardneish
Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016 update history - Windows Help
lists all updates for Win 10 and Server 2016 with links to each
windows  software  os  updates 
3 days ago by khit
Microsoft pauses Windows 10 previews to shift to radical new update system | PCWorld
Insider builds are seeing a brief pause so that Microsoft can transfer Insider builds to the company’s new Unified Update Platform (UUP). The UUP allows Microsoft to deliver differential downloads—also known as delta updates. This means that upgrading to future Insider builds of Windows 10 will only require users to download and install the code that has changed since their last update, rather than the entire update.
Microsoft  os  innovation 
3 days ago by jasonsamuels

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