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Disable warning when changing file extensions in Finder - Mac OS X Hints
Disable warning when changing file extensions in Finder - Mac OS X Hints
mac  os  finder  never  ask  change  file  extension 
5 hours ago by noahsussman
OSv - the operating system designed for the cloud
"OSv is the open source operating system designed for the cloud. Built from the ground up for effortless deployment and management, with superior performance."

Another one-app-per-vm style OS. I like the way it's open source but now in a closed beta ;)
jvm  os  virtualisation  linux 
15 hours ago by micktwomey
OSv - the operating system designed for the cloud
OSv is an open source project to
build the best OS for cloud workloads
java  cloud  jvm  os  virtualization  osv  distributed  devops  linux  opensource 
yesterday by devnulled
Systemschriften [ System Fonts ] : [ Definition : definiere : Erklärung : wiki]
Bezeichnung für Screen Fonts (Bildschirmschriften), die ein Betriebssystem (Operating Systems, OS) eines Mikrocomputers (PC, Smartphone, Tablet etc.) sowie dessen Anwendersoftware im Rahmen der visuell basierenden Benutzerkommunikation (z.B. über LCD-Monitore, Multi-Touch Displays oder sonstige optische Interfaces) benötigt; System Fonts.
fonts  os 
yesterday by Netzhoerer

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