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The Temple Operating System
Normally, failure is not an option, but since TempleOS accompanies Windows or
Linux, we exclude certain uses. There is no reason to duplicate browsing,
multimedia, desktop publishing, etc. Linux wants to be a secure, multi-user
mainframe. That's why it has file permissions. The vision for TempleOS,
however, is a modern, 64-bit Commodore 64. The C64 was a non-networked, home
computer mostly used for games. It trained my generation how to program because
it was wide open, c...
6 hours ago by morganwatch
FreedomBox is a personal server that protects your privacy. It hosts on demand applications such as file sharing, shared calendaring, instant messaging, secure voice conference calling, blog and wiki. FreedomBox is a free software stack, a subset of the Debian universal operating system, that can be installed in many flavors of inexpensive and power-efficient hardware. The simplicity of setting up and operating a FreedomBox is similar to that of a smart phone.
decentralization  selfhosted  open-source  software  server  os  linux 
12 hours ago by mikael
Sandstorm is an open source operating system for personal and private clouds.
decentralization  selfhosted  open-source  software  server  os  linux 
12 hours ago by mikael
E-mail apps that support (iDevice/cloud) attachments | MacRumors Forums
I decided to create this topic for iOS8 users that would like to attach file types (other then photos and videos) such as PDF, DOCX to a new e-mail via...
email  apps  mac  os 
14 hours ago by fou
piranna (Jesús Leganés Combarro)
piranna has 114 repositories written in JavaScript, Python, and Shell. Follow their code on GitHub.
node  npm  os  py  sh  systems 
yesterday by zacanger
majek/fluxcapacitor: The engine that powers DeLorean!
Fluxcapacitor is a tool for making your program run without blocking on timeouts, on functions like poll and select, by spoofing POSIX time functions.
testing  time  linux  os  performance  tool  cli 
2 days ago by raphman
Desktop Neo – rethinking the desktop interface for productivity.
The desktop computer hasn’t changed much in the last 30 years. It’s still built on windows, folders and mouse input. But we have changed. We now use smartphones and tablets most of the time, since they are much easier to use.

The traditional desktop computer is struggling to adapt the simple interfaces of mobile devices while also keeping its focus on productivity. With people switching to mobile devices for mundane tasks, we have the opportunity to rethink the desktop computer with a focus on getting professional work done.
UI  UX  design  desktop  computer  paradigm  OS  X  Mac  apple 
2 days ago by andrejx
Elementary OS - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Elementary OS (styled "elementary OS") is a Linux distribution based on Ubuntu. It is the vehicle to introduce the Pantheon desktop environment,[3] similar to how
elementaryOS  os  linux 
2 days ago by Jswindle
TempleOS 4.02
Outsider art operating system
schizophrenia  templeos  os  cmoputers  hacking 
3 days ago by nelson

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