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Firefox Send
Send files through a safe, private, and encrypted link that automatically expires to ensure your stuff does not remain online forever.
filesharing  mozilla  p2p  encryption  security  tools 
4 days ago by Tknvbe
Firefox Send
Send files through a safe, private, and encrypted link that automatically expires to ensure your stuff does not remain online forever.
filesharing  mozilla  free 
5 days ago by armen52
Mycroft Project: Search Engine Plugins - Firefox IE Chrome
The Mycroft Project is a collection of over 22 thousand OpenSearch & Sherlock Search Engine Plugins for your internet browser.
[OpenSearch Icon] OpenSearch is supported by [Firefox Icon] Firefox, [IE Icon] IE and [Chrome Icon] Chrome.
[Sherlock Icon] Sherlock is supported by [Firefox Icon] Firefox, and other Mozilla-based browsers.
mycroft  mozilla  search  engine 
6 days ago by nullrend
.@Mozilla Awards Over Half a Million to Open Source Projects
Mozilla announced yesterday awards totaling $539,000 for open source projects through its Mozilla Open Source Support (MOSS) program. The awards included $194,000 for Ushahidi, "an open source software platform for crowdsourcing, monitoring, visualizing, and responding to reports from people caught up in political turmoil or subject to governmental or vigilante abuse...$125,000 to the webpack project, a popular JavaScript module loader, to help them make the cross-browser WebAssembly format a first-class citizen in their ecosystem; $100,000 to RiseUp, a coordination platform used by activists across the political spectrum, to improve the security of their email service; $50,000 to Phaser, the open source HTML5 games engine, to allow them to complete the development of version 3; [and] $70,000 for creating mod_md, an Apache module which speaks ACME, the automated certificate issuance protocol, to make it easier for websites to deploy and use secure HTTP."
otf  mozilla  moss  opensource  funders  funding 
12 days ago by dmcdev

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