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Tool for journalists: Pitchwhiz, for connecting freelancers with news organisations | Media news
What is it? Pitchwhiz is a free-to-use, global resource connecting freelancers to commissioning editors and vice versa. How is it of use to journalists? via Pocket
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6 hours ago by hansdorsch
How Turkey silences journalists online, one removal request at a time - @pressfreedom
The Turkish government requests more content and account censorship on Twitter than any other government in the world, racking up the majority of such requests in both categories, according to the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ). The press freedom watchdog based its findings off an analysis of Twitter's own transparency  report - specifically the data on "country withheld content" (CWC), which is what Twitter calls such government requests. Of course, other countries like Iran and China ban Twitter outright, while the site remains accessible in Turkey.  Twitter cooperated with about a quarter of the government's requests. Russia is also a big source of takedown requests, as these two countries "were responsible for 74 percent of all requests" between 2014 and 2017, CPJ says.

CPJ: "Twitter complied fully or partially with 24 per cent of legal demands from Turkey, compared with about 9 percent for the rest of the world...Journalists whose accounts have been censored by CWC requests told CPJ that Twitter is inconsistent with its compliance with such requests and complained about the lack of remediation options. [Turkish journalist Abdülhamit] Bilici told CPJ, 'It is a shame that Twitter silences a journalist already silenced by an authoritarian government.' The journalist is living in exile in the U.S. after Turkey seized and then shuttered his paper...Soon after Twitter recorded its first CWC use in Turkey during a two-week ban on the platform in 2014, then-Deputy Prime Minister Beşir Atalay told the press that 'Twitter now toes the line.' Since then, Turkey has used the tool to withhold 1,482 accounts (82 percent of all accounts ever withheld worldwide), and 9,552 tweets (67 percent of all tweets withheld worldwide), according to Twitter's transparency reports."        
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20 hours ago by dmcdev
The End of Internet History and the Last Ad - Rambling Space
"It fits with our existing thoughts -advertising sucks-, provides some cherry picked data that fits that narrative -Facebook is great-, and the conclusion seems to be self-evident. “What else are you going to do?” says ad man."

"A key is this: human intervention is kept to a minimum. This is partly matter of technical principle (“automation is good”), a shield against ethical criticism (“algorithms are less biased than people”) but is largely driven by good old financial motives. Like most other business, personnel costs are the biggest line items in pure tech. And once you take a hit of software margins, it’s hard to give it up."

"Interestingly enough, I remember the internet before Facebook too, and it was…OK. We didn’t have the ability to poke that cutie in AP Physics, but we managed. Keeping in touch with friends far and away was harder, but wasn’t impossible. It certainly wasn’t more expensive."
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21 hours ago by yorickdupon
As Google shifts to mobile, its referrals to news sites keep growing | Poynter
"In February, Chartbeat reported that traffic from Google search to publishers’ websites had risen by more than 25 percent globally since January 2017. This Google search growth was more than enough to overcome the decline in traffic from Facebook that came after an algorithm change to deemphasize publishers."
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21 hours ago by yorickdupon
Podcast Out
A sense of ennui and overdetermination binds the audience of NPR podcasts together in a bloc of obnoxious explainerism
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22 hours ago by rohan

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