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Hiring someone new? 29 questions to ask during a reference call
Over the years, after talking extensively with other CEOs and managers who’d spent years (or even decades) hiring folks, learning from my own trial and error, and pulling from the knowledge of our almost 1,000 members at The Watercooler (our online leadership community) — I’ve assembled a list of questions for a candidate’s references.
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1 hour ago by mhick
Aligning a Product Manager’s Effort with Their Priorities
For most PM’s, the simple act of documenting time spent is enlightening for us both. The actual allocations rarely align with what they believe are their priorities. The piechart clearly shows where the problems are so we can develop strategies for fixing them. This is where the real fun begins.
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1 hour ago by mhick
Davide Casali: Mastering Feedback: You, the Team, the Product |
July 7, 2018

Feedback is commonly perceived as something that everyone is able to do – who doesn’t have an opinion? However, it’s also very easy to give bad feedback: we all know it when we are on the receiving end. This gets more and more evident when the team grows from two people to a whole company.

Feedback thus becomes a critical skill that can be learned, improved, and mastered. Good feedback skills can improve the quality of the teamwork and the result by a large margin, while bad feedback can grind any team to a halt with confusion if not worse.

This talk will give insights, challenge myths, and provide practical ideas. How can we improve ourselves? How can we plan good feedback in groups?
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11 hours ago by cnk
Hasty Treat - Feedback and Criticism — Syntax Podcast 075
Show Notes

4:00 - Getting Feedback

Don't assume malice - tone is easily lost in digital communication
Don't take it personally
Evaluate the feedback through the eyes of who it's coming from
Look for the truth in the feedback
Be open to feedback
15:15 - Giving Feedback

Don't be negative - phrase your feedback in positives
Don’t give unrequested feedback
Explain the why behind your feedback
Don’t be rude or an asshole
Use Tools and Standards for Code Quality
Give an opportunity to improve
Explain the "why" behind the feedback
Sandwich criticism with something positive
When things are heated, try to diffuse the situation
Give frequent positive feedback
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11 hours ago by cnk
“Prototyping Your Workflow“, by Mark Llobrera for A List Apart
There’s a seductive danger present whenever you see someone else outline their way of working, however. It’s easy to take their process as a rigid, universal truth. The trouble is, you and your team aren’t like everyone else—you have different strengths and weaknesses. Borrowing someone else’s process wholesale ignores the fact that it probably took them lots of fumbling to get to that point, and it’s going to take plenty of experimentation on your team’s part to figure out what works for you.
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