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What’s new in YOLO v3? – Towards Data Science
A review of the YOLO v3 object detection algorithm, covering new features, performance benchmarks, and link to the code in PyTorch.
darknet  machinelearning  python 
4 hours ago by richlk
A JavaScript library for training and deploying ML models in the browser and on Node.js
machinelearning  tensorflow  ml 
18 hours ago by activescott
symisc/sod: An Embedded Computer Vision & Machine Learning Library (CPU Optimized & IoT Capable)
SOD is an embedded, modern cross-platform computer vision and machine learning software library that expose a set of APIs for deep-learning, advanced media analysis & processing including real-time, multi-class object detection and model training on embedded systems with limited computational resource and IoT devices.

SOD was built to provide a common infrastructure for computer vision applications and to accelerate the use of machine perception in open source as well commercial products.
embedded  computer-vision  machinelearning  ai  programming  iot 
22 hours ago by ssorc
NSynth Super
An experimental physical interface for the NSynth machine learning algorithm.
music  art  inspiration  hardware  audio  synthesizer  ai  google  machinelearning  synth 
yesterday by e2b

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