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chrissimpkins/chug: Simple, clickable Homebrew package management for OS X
Chug is an OS X application that turns your routine installed Homebrew package upgrades and outdated package cleanup into a simple desktop icon click workflow.
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12 hours ago by nick
Debate over: IBM confirms that Macs are $535 less expensive than PCs • Jamf
Jni Asaba:
<p>In 2015, IBM let their employees decide – Windows or Mac. “The goal was to deliver a great employee choice program and strive to achieve the best Mac program,” Previn said. An emerging favorite meant the deployment of 30,000 Macs over the course of the year. But that number has grown. With more employees choosing Mac than ever before, the company now has 90,000 deployed (with only five admins supporting them), making it the largest Mac deployment on earth.

But isn’t it expensive, and doesn’t it overload IT? No. IBM found that not only do PCs drive twice the amount of support calls, they’re also three times more expensive. That’s right, depending on the model, IBM is saving anywhere from $273 - $543 per Mac compared to a PC, over a four-year lifespan. “And this reflects the best pricing we’ve ever gotten from Microsoft,” Previn said. Multiply that number by the 100,000+ Macs IBM expects to have deployed by the end of the year, and we’re talking some serious savings.

Needless to say, the employees at IBM got it right. And with 73% of them saying they want their next computer to be a Mac, the success will only increase with time.</p>

Geez, I thought this debate had been settled in the 1990s, but OK. Five admins is pretty impressive. (How many said "I want a Linux machine"?)
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16 hours ago by charlesarthur

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