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1 hour ago by nextzard
Keyboard Control Episode 3: FastMail Web App
Keyboard Control Episode 3: FastMail Web App

FastMail is a great email service. One of the things that makes it so great is the excellent web app. It's so good that I occasionally use it over a dedicated email client. It's also crazy awesome on an iPhone. It's practically a native app.

Sure, there are the standard keyboard shortcuts like j/k to move between messages or n/p to move between conversations. FastMail also has a bunch of compose, delete, send, and mark as spam shortcuts that are common.

Here's the really special shortcuts that I use all of the time:

m to move a message to a specific folder. This works with search. Type m and then start typing the name of a folder. Select the folder with the arrow keys and hit return to move the message.

This works nicely with the x hotkey for selecting messages and conversations. Select a bunch of messages and move them all at once.

Shift+x selects all conversations between the current active message and the previous selection made with the x shortcut. It's just a convenient way to select a range of messages and conversations.

The g (for "Go to folder") shortcut will find a specific mailbox by name and focus the message list on it.

The / shortcut jumps to the message search box. Type a search and hit enter to find all matches.

You can arrow down to the "Advanced Search" and hit enter. Tab and shift+tab through the advanced search options.

There's more info on the FastMail site.

Or, visit my CribSheet for FastMail.
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1 hour ago by macdrifter
osx - Text shortcuts
Most applications on OS X respect emacs' style shortcuts for maneuvering about in text fields.

ctrl+A: beginning of line.

ctrl+E: end of line.

ctrl+U: delete from cursor to beginn...
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2 hours ago by lizpanton
Discover the Hidden Power of TextEdit - Tuts+ Mac Computer Skills Tutorial
*NB* in comments:

"One of the most useful features is the ability to select columns of text, rather than lines. Hold down the alt key and the mouse pointer changes to a crosshair. Now drag downwards. Awesome, especially for tab separated files."

"To obtain an instant uniform font formatting of various pasted text from the web, in the Format menu convert to plain text and switch immediately back to rich text. Shift-Command-T twice."
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2 hours ago by lizpanton

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