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Set Java 7 as default JVM on Mac OSX Mountain Lion || Matt Gifford - Monkeh Works Ltd
Why in the fuck do I need to do *anything* in the Terminal to fix this? Isn't this what the Java prefpane is supposed to be for?
java  jre  mac  osx  annoyance  maybesolution 
2 days ago by kme
flickery - the flickr client for OS X
Enjoy your flickr account even more with this very advanced flickr client for Mac.
flickr  mac  osx  software  photography 
2 days ago by aeng
Lyn - Lightweight image browser and viewer designed for Photographers, Graphic Artists and Web Designers
The lightweight and fast media browser and viewer for Mac OS X designed for Photographers, Graphic Artists and Web Designers
mac  osx  photography  software  lyn 
2 days ago by aeng

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