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Mounting a .dmg file to your home directory (Example)
A protip by lvenegas about mac, mount, and dmg.
yesterday by sandipb
Performance - Thunderbird - MozillaZine Knowledge Base
This post offers some ideas for improving Thunderbird’s CPU usage, though most of it seems to be of the blame-the-user variety.
thunderbird  cpu  mac  2018 
yesterday by handcoding
One app to rule them all
app  mac  hub 
yesterday by amrkal
macOS で入力ソース切換えのキーカスタマイズ
mac  software 
yesterday by tam
What's the best way to migrate? - Six Colors
I have spent an awful lot of time migrating my data to various Macs over the years. (If you want to review a product, you need to use it, and that means bringing over enough of your stuff to do that.) Recently with the release of the new MacBook Pro models, I got to do two more data migrations, which led to a string of conversations on Twitter about the “right way” to move from one Mac to another.

Truth is, there’s no one right way to migrate. I’ve tried them all, and they all have their issues. Let’s walk through the options and consider their strengths and weaknesses.
apple  mac 
yesterday by andyhuey
How to Tame macOS Hot Corners Using Modifier Keys : mac
Upvoted: Source: you ever accidentally triggered your hot corners, causing windows to fly everywhere due to Mission Control, or put the display to sleep due to touching a corner?Now just use a modifier key, so you only trigger a corner if you're also hitting the ⌘ command key (for example).How? When selecting your Hot Corner, hold the ⌘ key and then select the ⌘
ifttt  reddit  mac 
yesterday by lepht
The Unix command line is powerful... But interactivity isn't its strong suit. There are text-mode UIs like curses, but they're not easy to develop, feel archaic to many users and can't interface with the desktop environment.

Termipal is a small and fast GUI utility that lets you create minimal user interfaces using an easy JSON format.

The UIs you create are fully native using the macOS Cocoa API. They have access to desktop APIs like open panels for picking files, opening links in other apps, etc.

For maximum convenience, Termipal automatically attaches to the bottom edge of your terminal window. This way it's right next to where you're typing. This feature works with the standard Mac Terminal as well as replacements like iTerm.

Termipal — let it be your Terminal's new best pal. *cringe*
cli  gui  mac  shell  terminal  app  json 
yesterday by awhite
Pretzel - Keyboard shortcuts for the app you're currently using
A smart, simple desktop app that shows and searches keyboard shortcuts based on your currently focused app.
keyboard  mac  shortcuts  app  apps 
yesterday by awhite

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