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Edwin Leong's Mac and iOS setup – The Sweet Setup
Who are you and what do you do?
My name is Edwin Leong, and I’m a Senior Compliance Analyst with the British Columbia Securities Commission in Vancouver, Canada. My agency regulates the securities industry in the province — e.g., the stock market and stock brokers. My department visits assets managers (portfolio and mutual fund managers) to assess their compliance with the provincial Securities Act.
My professional life has nothing to do with my use of Mac computers, but in my personal life, my Mac systems are key. I used to be a weekend warrior wedding photographer over a decade ago, which required investing in good photography equipment and computer systems, as digital imaging became widely accepted in the mid-oughts. However, I cut my teeth as a photographer with film, that quaint analog medium that no one born since 2000 likely has any memory of.
I left wedding photography many years ago, as having four kids means having a busy family life. However, I keep the photography hobby alive by photographing my sons playing hockey. Although I bought my first Mac in 2008, I didn’t become a 100% Mac user until 2015 when I bought a 2013 Mac Pro to replace an old, custom-built Windows PC.
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