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Lapwing Labs

Today I want to show you some techniques to apply automation to the setup of your Mac. The goal of this post is to automate 80% of the bootstrapping, allowing you to setup a new Mac in a matter of hours, not days.
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6 hours ago by Aldrin_t
Skype for Mac Update Ignores Its Own Audio Settings - The Mac Observer
"Skype released an update for their OS X app today, version 7.8.388, that includes a nasty bug: it now ignores whatever audio devices you have selected in Skype > Preferences > Audio/Video. It treats every one of those 3 drop-downs there as though you have selected "Same as System.""
skype  mac  osx  podcasting  2015  audio 
8 hours ago by handcoding
mobile data
TripMode is a small Mac app that helps you save mobile data when on the go. It stops online backups, updates, etc. from using your data in the background.
apple  data  mac  osx 
9 hours ago by thenerdscribe

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