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40% Keyboards
(Perhaps this blog might offer some ideas for small keyboard that could be put into service for Keyboard Maestro macros?)
"A blog about small mechanical keyboards."
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yesterday by handcoding
TreeSheets - Open Source Free Form Data Organizer
The ultimate replacement for spreadsheets, mind mappers, outliners, PIMs, text editors and small databases.

Suitable for any kind of data organization, such as Todo lists, calendars, project management, brainstorming, organizing ideas, planning, requirements gathering, presentation of information, etc.

It's like a spreadsheet, immediately familiar, but much more suitable for complex data because it's hierarchical.
It's like a mind mapper, but more organized and compact.
It's like an outliner, but in more than one dimension.
It's like a text editor, but with structure.
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yesterday by fiatjaf

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