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Sony will soon bring PlayStation 4 Remote Play to PC and Mac
Shuhei Yoshida, President of Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios confirmed on his Twitter account today that the company plans to bring PlayStation 4 Remote Play functionality to PC and MAC. The executive revealed that Sony is currently working on an official Remote Play application for the PC and Mac platforms to allow users to stream...

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Sony  will  soon  bring  PlayStation  4  Remote  Play  to  PC  and  Mac 
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爱屁屁 | 发现有趣应用
爱屁屁,专注于移动 APPS(应用/游戏)个性化评测,旨在令您生活的每一天与怦然心动的高品质应用相遇
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Docker via Homebrew | Pen and Pants
You can install Docker on OS X by following these instructions. I"m experimenting with moving my managed Wordpress sites to a cloud service. Want to experiment with Docker so I can move things around if I need to.
mac  osx  docker  webops 
yesterday by JoeCotellese

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