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Why Note Categories Are a Bad Idea
I’ve been reading a bit about the Zettelkasten system and there are some interesting opinions about meta data and how best to think about information. This old blog post by Christian Tietze about categories is thought provoking. Creating categories is a top-down process.
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46 minutes ago by WFreeland
The Archive for Mac
The Archive is a new plain-text writing and reference application for the Mac.1 It's made by people that are super-nerds about plain text and has a lot that looks familiar and a lot that is new and clever. This is not a review. It's a highlight of what's neat and innovative.
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50 minutes ago by WFreeland
Refined Twitter — A Browser Extension for a Better Twitter Web Experience • Beautiful Pixels
I just learned about this great new browser extension by Sindre Sorhus called Refined Twitter that makes modifications to the Twitter Website in order to offer a much better user experience and features. At the same time, it also fixes many “dumb annoyances” with the website.
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54 minutes ago by WFreeland
md5deep and hashdeep
md5deep is a set of programs to compute MD5, SHA-1, SHA-256, Tiger, or Whirlpool message digests on an arbitrary number of files.

hashdeep is a program to compute, match, and audit hashsets. With traditional matching, programs report if an input file matched one in a set of knows or if the input file did not match. It's hard to get a complete sense of the state of the input files compared to the set of knowns. It's possible to have matched files, missing files, files that have moved in the set, and to find new files not in the set. Hashdeep can report all of these conditions. It can even spot hash collisions, when an input file matches a known file in one hash algorithm but not in others. The results are displayed in an audit report.
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58 minutes ago by MichaelX
The Archive for Mac
Plain text note taking software for Mac. Blazingly fast. Reminicent of nvAlt
software  mac  writing 
9 hours ago by bmwrider
Set Up Your Mac Like an Interactive News Developer – Times Open
Developers know the scenario: Just as you get comfortable with one machine, it comes time to upgrade to a new one. Maybe you’re used to wrestling your way through the setup process, running long lost commands until you run out of error messages. The New York Times Interactive News team is here to help.
Using this NPR tutorial as an example, I spent some time during my first days on the job here documenting my setup process. You can follow the steps below to set up your machine so that it’s ready to build and deploy like we do.
mac  development  homebrew 
11 hours ago by euler
eclipse - No .bash_profile on my Mac - Stack Overflow
This won't work on Mac 10.12. File needs to be created if Sierra is a fresh install. Use nano ~/.bash_profile to create it in the home directory.
Mac  MacOS  bash  environment_variables  terminal 
12 hours ago by Steve_Z

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