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How to use Siri-like commands on your Mac with Dictation keyword phrases
This is pretty awesome. I knew OS X had dictation, but I didn't know I could navigate, edit, and perform system actions with dictation commands. If you are interested, check out this iMore article with the how-to.
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6 hours ago by Evilkow
GIF Brewery
GIF Brewery lets you convert brief clips from your video files into GIFs. Whether you want to create the newest cat GIF or provide a preview of a longer video, GIF Brewery is for you.
images  mac  animation  gif  app  graphic  video 
6 hours ago by akalt
homebrew/ at master · Homebrew/homebrew · GitHub
"Part of the OS X 10.11/El Capitan changes is something called System Integrity Protection or "SIP".

SIP prevents you from writing to many system directories such as /usr, /System & /bin, regardless of whether or not you are root. The Apple keynote is here if you'd like to learn more.

One of the implications of SIP is that you cannot simply create /usr/local if it is removed or doesn't exist for another reason. However, as noted in the keynote, Apple is leaving /usr/local open for developers to use, so Homebrew can still be used as expected."
brew  homebrew  mac  osx  sip 
8 hours ago by anl
Pinegrow WP
Web Editor
with WordPress Theme Builder

a desktop HTML editor with support for Bootstrap, Foundation and other frameworks that lets you visually build WordPress themes and convert static HTML websites to WordPress themes.
app  mac  wordpress  wysiwyg  editor  theme 
9 hours ago by everdaniel
Flinto for Mac
iPhone, iPad and Android Prototyping
animation  app  design  mac  prototyping 
10 hours ago by camflan

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