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Vue 2.5 released – The Vue Point – Medium
The 2.5 release of @vuejs introduces improved @typescriptlang support #javascript

— Cecil L. Phillip (@cecilphillip) October 15, 2017
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yesterday by abraham
Quick and dirty tricks for debugging Javascript 🕵 – Hacker Noon
cool ways to use utility functions to console log useful info for debugging - come nice techniques used here as well.
javascript  debugging 
yesterday by ElliotPsyIT
RunKit is Node prototyping
RunKit notebooks completely remove the friction of trying new ideas. With one click you'll have a sandboxed JavaScript environment where you can instantly switch node versions, use every npm module without having to wait to install it, and even visualize your results. No more configuration, just straight to coding.
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yesterday by smaniero
javascript - Rendering React Components from Array of Objects - Stack Overflow
React 16 Fiber (Fiber architecture) has been announced officially at ReactConf 2017 and will support returning arrays of components, (as well as strings)
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yesterday by danesparza

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