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artf/grapesjs: Free and Open source Web Builder Framework. Next generation tool for building templates without coding
Free and Open source Web Builder Framework. Next generation tool for building templates without coding - artf/grapesjs
web-builder  javascript  template  themes 
1 hour ago by HusseinMorsy
Guide | ScrollOut
scroll animation library. Allows you to assign css as an element comes into/out of view. Works in both directions of vertical scroll.
Nice on the first view but could get to be annoying
webdesign  web  design  js  javascript  script  scroll  animation  effect 
1 hour ago by piperh
Idle Until Urgent — Philip Walton
Thoughts on web development, open source, software architecture, and the future.
javascript  performance  programming  webdev 
2 hours ago by MattieTK
Beer Slider Responsive & Accessible Before-After Slider – Demo – PEPSized
js (vanilla or jQuery) code to make a sliding image reveal, for comparing two overlaid images.
webdesign  web  design  slider  comparator  compare  slide  image  photo  split  comparison  reveal  overlay  js  javascript  script 
2 hours ago by piperh
OO => FP architecture refactor
Object oriented to functional programming
javascript  work 
5 hours ago by bfulop

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