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Duplicitous Khashoggi Picked the Wrong Prince
Fascinating, very plausible debunk of western media coverage of Khashoggi murder
saudiarabia  politics  journalist  binladen  murder  Q4  2018  exposé  interview  king  israel  arab  debunk 
5 hours ago by csrollyson
מחשבון עמלות | אתר הבורסה
מחשבון עמלות מסחר
לראשונה בישראל מחשבון להשוואה בין עמלות המסחר הנגבות על ידי חברי הבורסה
finance  israel  investment 
17 hours ago by yevgenyd
חוזר לעניין החלפת שמות של תעודות סל לפי פעימות
מעבר למשטר של קרנות סל – מספרי נייר ישנים וחדשים
israel  finance  investment 
17 hours ago by yevgenyd
Israel fines New Zealand women $18,000 for urging Lorde concert boycott | Music | The Guardian
The Israaeli state boggles me. Even if they were morally justified in their actions over Gaza (I don't think they are), how could they possibly think suing a pair of NZ teenagers for writing a letter would sway international opinion in their direction? And if they did think it would, why didn't they just sue Lorde?
yesterday by tkmharris
Two Michigan Teachers Say No to Study Abroad in Israel - The Atlantic
"What’s most depressing about study abroad becoming the latest battleground in the conflict is that living in Israel offers American students their best chance to develop a sophisticated understanding of the country and its policies.

I spent a semester abroad at the Hebrew University, in East Jerusalem, an area that the United Nations views as disputed territory. Notably, the university itself is not located in a contested area—the Hebrew University campus is the only Israeli-owned land in East Jerusalem whose ownership is not questioned by international bodies. But my dorm was technically located in a settlement, a Jewish neighborhood built in what many people view as Palestinian land.

I studied Hebrew in a class with a Palestinian human-rights lawyer from Ramallah. From the window of our shared classroom, I could see the wall that Israel built to keep out Palestinian terrorists during the bus bombings of the Second Intifada—a wall that serves the dual function of separating Palestinian families and friends.

I returned home to America with a political perspective that had shifted left from what I’d learned growing up. Only when I lived in Israel did I begin to think more seriously about the complexities of an issue that was often presented to me as simple: You’re Jewish; you support Israel. It took that semester to understand that, as a supporter of the country, I could still challenge its policies when I disagreed with them. Israel is a country like any other; I can stand behind it even when I don’t stand behind its leaders.

Why would professors critical of Israel deny their students this experience? The top two destinations for Michigan students studying abroad in the 2016–17 academic year were Spain and Italy, a university spokesperson told me. No one wants students to boycott popular programs in Florence because of Italy’s unwelcoming policy toward African immigrants, or in Barcelona because last year Spain’s government shut down a democratic referendum about Catalonian independence.

As a Jew, I expect the world’s only Jewish state to meet higher standards, because it is rooted in the Jewish values I was raised to follow. Critics of Israeli policies are right to point out when the country has failed to meet those standards. At Shabbat dinners, at Hillel events, and in other Jewish spaces, students do confront these big, difficult issues: for instance, Israel’s reluctance to allow African asylum seekers to take refuge in its borders, or its occupation of Palestinian land. Many pro-Israel students want to have a full discussion of the Israeli experience, as it relates to these issues and the many aspects of the country that make them proud—but they can’t, because their would-be interlocutors do not agree with their basic premise: that Israel has a right to exist."
Israel  academia 
3 days ago by lukemperez
B & B with Kibbutz Lodging in Israel
A comprehensive guide for B & B with Kibbutz Lodging in , ISRAEL. This site has all the information you need to help you prepare for your next holiday
6 days ago by jrotenstein

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