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thethings.iO – The Best Enterprise IoT Platform
The IoT platform
to monitorize your devices

thethings.iO is an IoT platform that lets any kind of companies to deploy scalable and flexible IoT solutions for their customers and connected products. thethings.iO is hardware and connectivity agnostic, we let you focus on your business.
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2 hours ago by cyberchucktx
There Is No Such Thing as a Smart City - The Atlantic
Digital stardust won’t magically make future cities more affordable or resilient. The term “smart city” is interesting yet not important, because nobody defines it. “Smart” is a snazzy political label used by a modern alliance of leftist urbanites and tech industrialists. via Pocket
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8 hours ago by thewavingcat
I, Cringely Prediction #7 — 2018 will see the first Alexa virus - I, Cringely
- There are presently more than 15,000 Alexa skills that have been officially approved by Amazon and are available for download. These skills do everything from launching programs to gathering data to setting reminders. Though relatively simple, each is still a cloud app that can connect tens of millions of Echo products to Amazon Web Services (AWS).
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8 hours ago by renaissancechambara

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