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The best hiking trails in Metro Detroit, mapped - Curbed Detroit
It's a great day to hit the trails and explore a park! #getoutandplay #explore The leaves are changing and it’s the perfect time to enjoy the many hiking trails around metro Detroit. via Pocket
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9 minutes ago by archizoo
Scripting News: Long ago, I designed a language
from Daring Fireball

Dave Winer:

Little-known fact: I designed and developed a programming language.

My goal was to create an environment I would work in for the rest of my career. I just realized it’s exactly 30 years later, and I’m still using it.

30 fucking years. I think I earned the right to say it that way.

Now that I also work in JavaScript, it amazes me how easy the simple things are in Frontier, compared to JS, esp when you have to tack on a database. You really have to work at seeing what’s going on. In Frontier, you just click around expanding things. You can even look at the runtime stack that way.

If you never used Frontier, it’s hard to explain what made it so special. My very favorite thing about Frontier is the “object database”. It wasn’t like using a database in the SQL sense. It was just persistent storage. You didn’t have to deal with the file system at all. You just wrote to, say, scratchpad.foo or examples.bar or any other unique identifier and whatever you wrote would be there when you went to read it. And, even better, there was a visual interface for exploring everything in the object database. You could see it and explore it, because in addition to being a language, Frontier was also a real Mac app. You could even customize the app’s menu items just by editing the system.misc.menubar table in the object database. It’s a wonderfully self-contained design. Re-reading the documentation makes me wonder why there’s nothing like Frontier’s object database in other scripting languages.

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9 minutes ago by josephschmitt
GitHub - xx45/dayjs: ⏰Fast 2KB immutable date library alternative to Moment.js with the same modern API
Favorite tweet:

I've heard Moment.js called "a necessary evil" in some apps (it's large).

Here's a 2KB alternative with the same API for dealing with dates/times. https://t.co/9aNV0rtnXl

(I can't speak to the differences, but surely there are some.) pic.twitter.com/XoMCO96SMM

— CSS-Tricks (@Real_CSS_Tricks) April 25, 2018
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16 minutes ago by jorgemir
PetSmart is drowning in debt, after the most expensive takeover in retail and the purchase of Chewy.com : investing
Upvoted: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-04-25/yielding-21-in-bond-market-the-no-1-retail-lbo-is-in-troublePerhaps most disconcerting about PetSmart’s struggles is they are coming even as Americans spend more on buying and taking care of their pets -- $70 billion in 2017, compared to $41 billion in 2007, according to the American Pet Products Association. Its first quarter with Chewy on board last year saw earnings fall almost 40 percent under the weight of debt.its post-buyout CEO Michael Massey abruptly resigned, and has yet to be replaced eight months later. This year, Chewy’s founder and CEO Ryan Cohen quit too.BC was so keen to prevail that it even bid against itself in the auction, raising its own final offer by 50 cents -- to $83 per share -- before any opponent had matched the lower price, according to court records from a subsequent lawsuit. Apollo, the next highest bidder with an offer of $81.50, or about $150 million less, later told PetSmart’s investment bank, JPMorgan Chase & Co., that it "never would have paid” what BC Partners did, a filing shows. JPMorgan declined to comment.BC Partners managed to pocket an immediate $800 million dividend, but it had a long road ahead. The acquisition marked its first-ever foray into the U.S. retail sector. And the new management team had no experience with the pet industry.One of Massey’s tasks was making a big e-commerce acquisition to retain customers moving online. He zeroed in on Chewy.com, an online supplier with loyal customers and workers it called ‘Chewtopians.’Massey reasoned that Chewy would establish a defensive line against Amazon and shore up earnings that had sagged since the takeover. But the plan backfired. PetSmart’s financials deteriorated even more sharply as Chewy, which has yet to turn a profit, dragged on earnings. In the third quarter of 2017, the latest available, the combined companies lost $56 million.TL;DR: Extremely aggressive leveraged buyout is causing PetSmart to stumble even in a growing pets' goods market, and expanding to e-commerce only made the losses worse. via /r/investing
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20 minutes ago by lepht
What tutorial should I follow for Nextcloud+Letsencrypt? : unRAID
I have tried following the Cyanlabs tutorial and could not get nextcloud and letsencrypt cooperate.What tutorial should I use to set up nextcloud on a subdomain with letsencrypt? via /r/unRAID
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21 minutes ago by mcgraths
Arrest in Golden State Killer Case: ‘The Answer Has Always Been in Sacramento’ - The New York Times
The suspect in the long unsolved case is thought to have killed 12 people, raped 45 people and burglarized more than 120 homes between 1976 and 1986.
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28 minutes ago by drewcaldwell
Melissa Lim on Twitter: "A Guide To Design Thinking Resources For STEM with Andrew Goodin / @thrivingschools via @brholland https://t.co/84xFDpGrPS"
A Guide To Design Thinking Resources For STEM with Andrew Goodin / @thrivingschools via @brholland https://t.co/84xFDpGrPS

— Melissa Lim (@actionhero) April 25, 2018
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30 minutes ago by actionhero

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