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The complete guide to Go net/http timeouts
When writing an HTTP server or client in Go, timeouts are amongst the easiest and most subtle things to get wrong: there’s many to choose from, and a mistake can have no consequences for a long time, until the network glitches and the process hangs.
go  golang  http  networking 
yesterday by danesparza
Securing Web Sites Made Them Less Accessible – Eric’s Archived Thoughts
The drive to secure the web has pushed it further away from the next billion users—not to mention a whole lot of the previous half-billion.
HTTP  security  accessibility 
yesterday by emerysnyder
Introduction · This is QUIC
This book effort was started for real in March 2018. The plan is to document the QUIC protocol. Why, how it works, protocol details, the implementations and more.

The book is entirely free at no cost and is meant to be a collaborative effort involving anyone and everyone who wants to help out!
quic  http  http2  book  curl  udp 
2 days ago by wjy
Introduction · Everything curl
Everything curl is an extensive guide to everything there is to know about curl, the project, the command-line tool, the library, how everything started and how it came to be what it is today. How we work on developing it further, what it takes to use it, how you can contribute with code and bug reports and why all those millions of existing users use it.
http  book  curl  networking 
2 days ago by wjy
Why can't a CNAME record be used at the apex (aka root) of a domain? - Server Fault
Actually useful StackOverflow (ServerFault) thread about DNS apex domains and CNAME records
dns  reference  networking  webdev  sysadmin  http 
2 days ago by bitprophet

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