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Extensible ADT (EADT)
Extensible ADT (EADT) in for the expression problem
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yesterday by bob
BeRewt - Twitch
Nicolas B.
Not the droid you are looking for.
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yesterday by Spark
turtle: Shell programming, Haskell-style
turtle is a reimplementation of the Unix command line environment in Haskell so that you can use Haskell as both a shell and a scripting language.
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yesterday by masukomi
Haskell for all: How I evaluate Haskell packages
Large positive:
- High quality documentation
- Impossible to use incorrectly
- On Stackage
- Competitive Benchmarks
- 100+ reverse dependencies

Small positive
- One complete example
- 100+ downloads in last 30 days
- Maintained/used/endorsed by a company
- Pure or mostly pure API
- Upper bounds on dependencies that are up to date

- On Hackage
- Stability field
- Version number
- Votes
- Tests

Small negative
- Upper bounds that are not up to date
- Large dependency footprint
- Uses linked lists inappropriately
- Frequent breaking API changes
- Idiosyncratic behavior

Large negative
- Uses String inappropriately
- No documentation
- Not on Hackage
- Maintainer ignoring pull requests
programming  haskell  opensource 
2 days ago by some_hren

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