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Introduction - HaskellWiki
Haskell is a computer programming language. In particular, it is a polymorphically statically typed, lazy, purely functional language, quite different from most other programming languages. The language is named for Haskell Brooks Curry, whose work in mathematical logic serves as a foundation for functional languages. Haskell is based on the lambda calculus, hence the lambda we use as a logo.

1 Why use Haskell?
2 What is functional programming?
3 What's good about functional programming?
3.1 Quicksort in Haskell
3.2 Quicksort in C
3.3 Ease of understanding
3.4 Brevity
3.5 No core dumps
3.6 Code re-use
3.7 Strong glue
3.8 Powerful abstractions
3.9 Built-in memory management
4 When C is better
4.1 Functional vs imperative
5 What is Haskell?
6 Does anyone use functional programming?
7 Other frequently-asked questions
7.1 Is functional programming hard to learn?
7.2 Aren't functional programs very slow?
7.3 I already have a large application in C or C++.
7.4 What libraries does Haskell support?
7.5 What other software tools for Haskell are there?
7.6 How can I ask for help?
7.7 Can I get a support contract or a help-line?
7.8 How can I learn Haskell?
7.9 Comparisons to other languages
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Hitchhikers guide to Haskell - HaskellWiki
1 Preface: DON'T PANIC!
2 Chapter 1: Ubiquitous "Hello world!" and other ways to do IO in Haskell
3 Chapter 2: Parsing the input
4 Chapter 3: Packing the knapsack and testing it with class, too (and don't forget your towel!)
5 Chapter 4: REALLY packing the knapsack this time
6 Chapter 5: (Ab)using monads and destructing constructors for fun and profit
7 Chapter 6: Where do you want to go tomorrow?
8 Chapter 400: Monads up close
9 Chapter 500: IO up close
10 Chapter 9999: Installing Haskell Compiler/Interpreter and all necessary software
11 Chapter 10000: Thanks!
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