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Srinivas Rao - When most people think about developing a writing...
When most people think about developing a writing habit, they imagine having to spend countless hours in a quiet room isolated from the rest of the world. This keeps them from trying to develop a writing habit at all. But you can accomplish remarkable things in just one focused hour a day of uninterrupted creation time.

We overestimate what we can do in a day and underestimate what we can do in a year. An hour a day doesn’t sound like a lot of time when we look at it in isolation. But when you add it up throughout the year, it’s the equivalent of 15 full days. Just imagine what would happen if you committed 15 full days to one project or idea. You would make a lot of progress.

In writing for a just one hour a day, I come up with ideas for blog posts, sections for the books I’m writing, and reflect on the key insights I’ve gained from conversations with guests on The Unmistakable Creative podcast. Writing for one hour every day produces an exponential ROI and an infinite value that can’t be measured. Writing for one hour a day can improve the quality of both your personal and professional life.
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Habits Cafe on WIP
Habits Cafe is being built in public. Create positive habits together 👫
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strides: goal & habit tracker + smart goal setting app
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The Simple Art of Creating Long-Lasting Habits – Better Humans
Comparing and testing the four most popular systems for learning new habits
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explores the moments we seek comfort and connection through humble, everyday – and e…
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Double Loop Learning: Download New Skills and Information into Your Brain
Fail early and get it all over with. If you learn to deal with failure… you can have a worthwhile career. You learn to breathe again when you embrace failure as a part of life, not as the determining moment of life.”

— Rev. William L. Swig
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4 Healthy Sleep Habits
Sleep is an integral part of our lives. Most people appreciate the importance of sleep; however, struggle to get quality sleep every night.
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