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A better git log (Example)
A protip by filipekiss about color, aliases, log, alias, and git.
46 minutes ago by pietvanzoen
Darcs is a free and open source, cross-platform version control system, like git, mercurial or svn but with a very different approach: focus on changes rather than snapshots. Darcs offers a freer way of working, and a simpler user interface. Darcs does not require a central server, and works perfectly in offline mode.
haskell  git  versioncontrol  free  opensource 
2 hours ago by ianchanning
git-flight-rules/ at master · k88hudson/git-flight-rules
Flight Rules are the hard-earned body of knowledge recorded in manuals that list, step-by-step, what to do if X occurs, and why. Essentially, they are extremely detailed, scenario-specific standard operating procedures. [...]
git  howto 
3 hours ago by fabianmoronzirfas
k88hudson/git-flight-rules: Flight rules for git
What are "flight rules"?

A guide for astronauts (now, programmers using Git) about what to do when things go wrong.
git  tips 
11 hours ago by ssorc

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