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Opposition authorities in Daraa ban sale of wheat to government-held Syria as ‘severe’ flour crisis looms
However, one Washington-based USAID official told Syria Direct on Tuesday that the flour distribution program is gradually drawing down its operations but is set to continue until March 2019.

The USAID-funded food assistance project has supplied southern Syria with 121,000 metric tons of flour, all purchased in neighboring Jordan, since it began in 2013, says the USAID official.

The USAID-funded project supplied nearly half of Daraa’s flour over the past four years, a-Radawi says, with local production and external sources making up the other half.

A-Radawi’s Grain Institution, along with other opposition-run authorities in Daraa province, are now scrambling to secure as much of this year’s local wheat crop as possible in preparation for the end of the USAID project by halting the sale of wheat to government territory and stockpiling as much of the local crop as possible.
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L'Extra Camembert | Cheesebar
2018 Winner, World Championship Cheese
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Anthony Bourdain and the Power of Telling the Truth | The New Yorker
“Remember when you asked me if I was a feminist, and I was afraid to say yes?” he said, in that growling, companionable voice. “Write this down: I’m a fuckin’ feminist.”
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Microbiology of Chocolate
Chocolate comes from the seeds of the cacao or chocolate tree, Theobroma cacao. Linnaeus ascribed the genus name meaning "food of the gods" to the Greek words, theos, (god) and broma (food) and the specific epithet from the Native American word for the plant. The chocolate tree is native to Latin America and was transplanted to West Africa in 1824 by the Portuguese. Presently, Cote d'Ivoire and Ghana produce nearly half of the world's chocolate
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