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Facebook Sharing Markup Generator
Generate the Open Graph meta tags and image
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6 minutes ago by coffeemonk
Facebook Usage Declined and the 3 Reasons Why
RT : Distrust. Discord. Disinterest. These are the 3 reasons for Facebook’s 8% decline in usage. via
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2 hours ago by pamneely
Blind Cat Hears Song, And His Reaction Will Melt Your Heart
You’ll definitely tear up when you see this video.
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yesterday by FmLuder
Desktop prototyping – Dropbox Design – Medium
“Presenting our work with a realistic desktop environment challenged the way we thought about desktop interfaces.”
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yesterday by zeldman
A British couple who took on Google and cost it £2.1B | Hacker News
- Here is the money quote for myself: 'To the Raffs, this is Google’s real crime: its inaccessibility and unwillingness to respond, even to legitimate complaints. “We’ve never said that the fault was being penalised,” says Adam. “Collateral damage in complex algorithms is inevitable. The fault was not having a procedure by which we could appeal and get timely relief.” ' I've been dealing with exactly this myself recently. I had an old gmail hacked and stolen. Well the idiot didnt remove my main acct as the forwading address, so I began receiving emails for everything from his uber account to his facebook account. No matter what answers I gave google about account creation, old passwords, no matter that I provided whatever they asked, that they sent a verification code that didn't even work, NOTHING restored my access. I even still have the forwarded emails! The emails themselves show how this kid took MY email. Yet there is no way to get ahold of google other than their product forums, posting and praying to not get a cheap canned response (which is what happened to me). It seems these companies, in trying to remove themselves from their users by as many degrees of separation as possible are doing this to themselves. If they simply interacted with their users and gave even the most rudimentary of ways to speak with someone (livechat, helpdesk, whatever) most of their problems would be handled at the first contact, instead of becoming huge issues which can possibly affect many people (try searching for 'gmail verification code wont work' or 'cant recover hacked gmail' it will be days of fun reading). I was infuriated over simply losing an old worthless email to their shenanigans, I can't imagine seeing the startup I created stomped underfoot by a megacorp like an ant. I used to LOVE google back in the early gmail/android days. They were the good guys. What happened?
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yesterday by shaunkoh
Who I want to work for – keavy – Medium
I love this whole post. - “You don’t just expect your people to do their best work, you empower and trust them to.”
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yesterday by shaunkoh
Firmo por La Casa Invisible
Gente de Malaga, compartid y apoyad!
yesterday by javierruiz
Inside Facebook
Zuckerberg had reason to take the meeting especially seriously, according to a former Facebook executive, because he had firsthand knowledge of Murdoch’s skill in the dark arts. Back in 2007, Facebook had come under criticism from 49 state attorneys general for failing to protect young Facebook users from sexual predators and inappropriate content. Concerned parents had written to Connecticut attorney general Richard Blumenthal, who opened an investigation, and to The New York Times, which published a story. But according to a former Facebook executive in a position to know, the company believed that many of the Facebook accounts and the predatory behavior the letters referenced were fakes, traceable to News Corp lawyers or others working for Murdoch, who owned Facebook’s biggest competitor, MySpace. “We traced the creation of the Facebook accounts to IP addresses at the Apple store a block away from the MySpace offices in Santa Monica,” the executive says. “Facebook then traced intera
yesterday by dsongman
We had a great turn out for the Prepping... - Elbert County OEM | Facebook
The synergy of small town, small gov, and local enterprise is a joy to behold
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yesterday by anotherkevin
UK woman arrested after leaving 'vile' note on parked ambulance responding to emergency call | Fox News
Britain gave up their guns (fair enough, they were in agreement) but now they get arrested for leaving a note on a windshield.
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yesterday by anotherkevin

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