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Facebook addiction linked to staking your self-worth on social acceptance
An initial survey of 337 participants with an active Facebook account found that social acceptance contingencies were positively related to Facebook addiction symptoms.

In other words, people who agreed with statements such as “My self-esteem depends on the opinions others hold of me” tended to also agree with statements such as “I spend a lot of time thinking about Facebook”, “I am using Facebook in order to forget my personal problems”, and “I use Facebook so much that it has had a negative impact on my job or studies.”
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48 minutes ago by Chirael
Speechwriter who attended conference with white nationalists in 2016 leaves White House - CNNPolitics
Speechwriter who attended conference with white nationalists in 2016 leaves White House:WTF is this Nazi White House speechwriter?
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55 minutes ago by juniorbird
NYT too. Once you notice how they all run the same fake news story, after the 4am drop, the collusion becomes obvious.
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2 hours ago by anotherkevin
And in case you think it’s just slate, they all got their fake news marching orders. We only have 7 corporations in the USA that control ALL of the media, btw, and it shows.
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2 hours ago by anotherkevin
Funny how they don’t mention he’s wanted for murder in Mexico. Fake news media wonder why they don’t have credibility any more.
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2 hours ago by anotherkevin
Google stole this out of my videos from this summer 😎
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2 hours ago by marcusramberg
Olle is drinking a Rainbownade by Evil Twin Brewing on Untappd
Fruktig, juicing, syrlig. | Olle is drinking a Rainbownade by Evil Twin Brewing "Fruktig, juicing, syrlig. 🌈"
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2 hours ago by ollesvensk
Open Source, federated social networks let you choose (or run) your own service, while still talking to other federated services.
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3 hours ago by dougalcampbell
DealBook<!-- --> Business and Policy
<<Tesla is among the most shorted stocks in the United States. More than a quarter of its stock valued at more than $11 billion is being shorted, according to S3 Partners. Betting against Tesla has been expensive. Since 2016, short-sellers collectively have lost $5 billion, as the company’s shares rose 27 percent. Even this year, amid all of Tesla’s woes, betting on a decline in the company’s share price has not been a winner. Its short-sellers remain down $650 million this year.>>
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5 hours ago by jikatu
‘I’m not going there’: As Trump hurls racial invective, most Republicans stay silent - The Washington Post
<< “It’s a formula that I think they think works for them, as it relates to winning,” Corker said, referring to the use of divisive racial issues by Trump and his advisers. “I think that’s their kind of governing. I think that’s how they think they stay in power, is to divide.” ... Trump may have simply revealed the extent to which all of our politics has devolved into grotesque, sub-ideological tribalism.”>>
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6 hours ago by jikatu
Pivotal's Brian Wieser Sees More Trouble Ahead For Facebook
Getting too big for Zuck and team?

At the same time, Facebook has recently come under fire for the role it allegedly played in spreading disinformation in Myanmar. Facebook’s Free Basics initiative is responsible for providing internet access for the majority of the local population, but Wieser said Facebook hasn't provided enough Burmese-reading content moderators to prevent a widespread Facebook hate campaign against the Rohingya Muslim minority in Myanmar.
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6 hours ago by JohnDrake
Augmenting Long-term Memory
This whole thing is something of a masterpiece. I'd sign up for a course in this in a heartbeat, but I don't think it's properly invented yet. Consider me inspired. - "In a similar vein, it's tempting to imagine cognitive scientists starting to build systems. While this may sometimes work, I think it's unlikely to yield good results in most cases. Building effective systems, even prototypes, is difficult. Cognitive scientists for the most part lack the skills and the design imagination to do it well. This suggests to me the need for a separate field of human augmentation. That field will take input from cognitive science. But it will fundamentally be a design science, oriented toward bold, imaginative design, and building systems from prototype to large-scale deployment." - "One tempting failure mode is to think “Oh, I should master the API first”, and then to dive into tutorials or the documentation. Apart from a quick skim of a tutorial or the documentation, that's a mistake. A better approach is to find a small, functioning piece of code that does something related to the core functionality of my project. It doesn't need to be similar to the whole project, but ideally implements one or two similar features, and is a few tens or hundreds of lines of code long. I get that code running, then start making small tweaks, adding bits of functionality I need, taking out bits that I don't, and trying to understand and improve the code. I probably err on the side of just making things happen… I get so much of a thrill bringing things to life… as soon as it comes to life it starts telling you what it is. - Dan Ingalls The great thing about this is that I need only change 1 to 5 lines of code at a time, and I see meaningful progress toward my goals. That's exciting. To use a metaphor from machine learning, it's like doing gradient descent in the space of meaningful projects."
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6 hours ago by shaunkoh

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