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Jamal Khashoggi’s fate casts a harsh light on Trump’s friendship with Saudi Arabia
This harrowing saga has two main dimensions: Saudi brutality, certainly, but it also underscores the ways in which President Trump’s fawning dictator worship, his pervasive conflicts of interest and his attacks on the media have emboldened authoritarian regimes to viciously silence their critics.
This is one of our closest allies. The stain is bipartisan: Democratic and Republican presidents have supported the Saudis, selling them hundreds of billions of dollars of weaponry – even as they slaughter civilians in their horrifying war in Yemen. Even if you’re a hard-nosed advocate of realpolitik, the cost to American soft power by being in bed with such barbarism creates greater long-term costs than the short-term gains are worth.

Since Trump took office, the Saudi regime has become more brazen. Khashoggi’s disappearance reflects a strategic calculation: They think they can abduct or murder a journalist working for an American news organization without facing serious consequences. So far, they’re right – Trump has only called on them to investigate the disappearance. That weak response comes despite new evidence that “before Khashoggi’s disappearance, U.S. intelligence intercepted communications of Saudi officials discussing a plan to capture him.”

Worse, it’s likely that Trump’s finances and his rhetoric contributed to Saudi Arabia’s decision to green-light their barefaced conspiracy to silence Khashoggi.
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Kanye's Love For Trump Actually Makes Perfect Sense
Trump and the MAGA lifestyle seem to offer a safe haven to people — like Kanye — who pride themselves on being outsiders and are distrustful of establishment politics.
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(13196) Brasilien: Demokratie in Gefahr? | Weltspiegel - YouTube - The far-right candidate has sought, with little evidence, to link his Worker’s party opponent to Brazil’s neighbour’s troubles

*! - Why Brazil Might Elect An Ultra-Right Wing President (HBO)

& - “How Fascism Works”: Jason Stanley On Trump, Bolsonaro and the Rise of Fascism Across the Globe
Fascism is based on power, reality bites fake power in ass. destabilise.
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Kenneth Olisa: ‘To improve social mobility, we need to raise children’s aspirations’ | Society | The Guardian - As the rich get richer, why don’t British people care about inequality? - The solution is to invest in social wealth - The danger is that the paradox of wealth inequality becomes self-reinforcing: as wealth at the top increases, the likelihood of redistributive reform decreases. The reason is that high levels of wealth inequality bias the democratic process. Martin Gilens has documented definitively the “elite economic domination” of American politics. But similar concerns about the unequal influence of the new aristocracy have been raised in Britain.
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Scotland: Dundee Freemasons thank Donald Trump as boxer pardoned
Past Master Graham Letford has now written to Mr Trump to praise him for “this great gesture” on behalf of “the whole of Scotland”.
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John Brennan, Former C.I.A. Spymaster, Steps Out of the Shadows - The New York Times
ency around drone strikes made it hard to understand, let alone defend, United States policy. “The biggest conflict I had with my leadership was drone strikes,” says one former diplomat who worked in South Asia during Obama’s first term. “Official U.S. government policy is that you can’t talk about them, because they don’t exist,” the diplomat continued. “I quickly realized that I couldn’t be a credible representative of the U.S. government without talking about what was on the front page of every single newspaper.” Under Obama, the justification for holding such unaccountable power was the good character of the president and his staff. “Do I want this system to last forever? No,” one senior Obama official told The Washington Post in 2012, referring to the drone program. “What is scary is the apparatus set up without John to run it.”

If McDonough could not talk about signature strikes, perhaps he could talk about drone strikes against “high-value targets,” named and known terrorists.

“Again, that sounds to me like a question that I’m not in a position to respond t
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