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How to use meeting ground rules to shape behavior
High-performing organizations act intentionally. There are meeting ground rules since meetings are an ideal forum in which to both articulate and model target behavior.
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9 hours ago by enslrhs82
Ethics in statistical practice and communication: Five recommendations
Ethics in statistics is about more than good practice. It extends to the communication of uncertainty and variation. Andrew Gelman presents five recommendations for dealing with fundamental dilemmas
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yesterday by rvenkat
Video Chat Is Terrible and About to Get Much Worse – Member Feature Stories – Medium
Heather uses examples of upcoming "improvements" to online video chat to get back to the core of the problems around the poor state social tools we currently have.
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2 days ago by vanderwal
Warnings Along the Drought Line – BLDGBLOG
"Elise Hunchuck, whose project “An Incomplete Atlas of Stones” sought to document warning stones placed along the Japanese coast to indicate safe building limits in case of tsunamis, has called my attention to a somewhat related phenomena in Central Europe.

So-called “hunger stones” have been uncovered by the low-flowing, drought-reduced waters of Czech Republic’s Elbe River, NPR reports. Hunger stones are “carved boulders… that have been used for centuries to commemorate historic droughts—and warn of their consequences.” One stone, we read, has been carved with the phrase, Wenn du mich siehst, dann weine, or “If you see me, weep.”

Although there are apparently extenuating circumstances for the rocks’ newfound visibility—including a modern-day dam constructed on the Elbe River which has affected water levels—I nonetheless remain haunted by the idea of uncovering buried or submerged warnings from our own ancestors stating that, in a sense, if you are reading this, you are already doomed.

Read a bit more over at NPR."
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3 days ago by robertogreco

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