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Mythcommunication: It’s Not That They Don’t Understand, They Just Don’t Like The Answer |
As we’ve seen, the literal meaning of a message is only one aspect of the message, and the way it’s delivered can signal something entirely different.  Rapists are not missing the literal meaning, I think it’s clear.  What they’re doing is ignoring the literal message (refusal) and paying very close attention to the meta-message.  I tell my niece, “if a guy offers to buy you a drink and you say no, and he pesters you until you say okay, what he wants for his money is to find out if you can be talked out of no.”  The rapist doesn’t listen to refusals, he probes for signs of resistance in the meta-message, the difference between a target who doesn’t want to but can be pushed, and a target who doesn’t want to and will stand by that even if she has to be blunt.  It follows that the purpose of setting clear boundaries is not to be understood — that’s not a problem — but to be understood to be too hard a target.
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14 hours ago by Quercki
Be Our Guest! – Track Changes
A guide for people doing media things

I wanted to put together a short guide for people who have been asked to be in the media—whether called for comment, asked to appear on a podcast or TV show—but are nervous and afraid.
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20 hours ago by mike
Unlearning Toxic Behaviors in a Code Review Culture
I had an incredible experience giving my first conference talk titled “Unlearning Toxic Behaviors in a Code Review Culture”at AlterConf. Code reviews can be contentious, so I went into the experience…
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yesterday by xer0x
Doc of docs
Here’s a low-tech, high-impact trick I recently learned at work that’s amazingly useful: create a doc-of-docs.

This is a Google Docs document containing links to all of the other documents, tools, dashboards, slack channels etc that a team is using to collaborate on their projects.
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yesterday by aviflax

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