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Dispatches from the Real World: Time and Talents Community Centre
I really like reporting to stakeholders with a bunch of photos
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yesterday by gilest
I hate telephones
I dialled their number, and navigated around their robot which tries to direct you back to their website. Yes, Barclays’ internet presence insists you call them, and then when you call them, they try very hard to move you back to the internet
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yesterday by Gwendoux
paid for service for posting sticky notes on a site for comments and feedback
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yesterday by piperh
These Apology Critics Want to Teach You How to Say Sorry
The best apologies include all six components: (1) An expression of regret — this, usually, is the actual “I’m sorry.” (2) An explanation (but, importantly, not a justification). (3) An acknowledgment of responsibility. (4) A declaration of repentance. (5) An offer of repair. (6) A request for forgiveness.
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2 days ago by warnick
Argument Ninja Podcast
How to have an argument, discussion, communication
2 days ago by bdusablon
Good Communication Doesn't Come Naturally. We Have to Teach It - Education Week
Last month, former Presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush separately issued bipartisan calls to abandon divisive language. Both railed against the current polarized nature of our nation's political discourse—which, in the past year, has been lacking in nuance and filled with racial invective, gender insults, and other hate speech. Characterized by binaries, this language constructs our nation as a conglomerate of factions.
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2 days ago by kbrobeck

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