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U.S. tech companies would be forced to disclose if they allowed American adversaries, like and , to e…
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Chances of China Trade Win Undercut by Trump Team Infighting - The New York Times
By the time American negotiators wrapped up high-level talks with a visiting Chinese delegation last week, President Trump’s ambitions for a multibillion-dollar trade agreement had, for the time being, shriveled into a blandly worded communiqué without any dollar figures. It was not clear that the talks set a path to success.

Ceaseless infighting and jockeying for influence on the White House’s trade team helped deprive Mr. Trump of a quick victory on his most cherished policy agenda, several people involved in the talks said. The deep internal divisions carried over into how officials characterized the agreement and muddied the outlook for the next phase of the negotiations between Washington and Beijing.
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yesterday by lehmannro
Facial recognition arrests
Chinese police arrested 3 different wanted people based on facial recognition at a concert. Similar tech is being used in the US.
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yesterday by nelson
Thanks To AI, A 3rd Person Is Arrested Following A Pop Superstar's Concert
In Jiaxing, China, on Sunday evening, a man — one of some 20,000 people attending a concert by pop star Jacky Cheung — was arrested after being identified by an artificial intelligence-powered facial recognition system, which China built after announcing in 2015 that it was creating a facial database. "A few minutes after he passed through the security checkpoint, our system issued a warning that he was a wanted person," an official with the Nanhu District Public Security Bureau told the Qianjiang Evening News. The man, who authorities identified only by his surname, Yu, is accused of having stolen around $17,000 worth of potatoes in 2015.
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yesterday by max_read
How the Chinese Government Fabricates Social Media Posts for Strategic Distraction, not Engaged Argument | GARY KING
In contrast to prior claims, we show that the Chinese regime's strategy is to avoid arguing with skeptics of the party and the government, and to not even discuss controversial issues. We show that the goal of this massive secretive operation is instead to distract the public and change the subject, as most of the these posts involve cheerleading for China, the revolutionary history of the Communist Party, or other symbols of the regime.
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