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Engineers of the Soul: Ideology in Xi Jinping's China by John Garnaut
I want to make these broad points about the historical foundations of CCP ideology, beyond the fact that it is important: 

Communism did not enjoy an immaculate conception in China. Rather, it was grafted onto an existing ideological system - the classical Chinese dynastic system. 
China had an unusual veneration for the written word and acceptance of its didactic value.
Marxism-Leninism was interpreted to Mao and his fellow revolutionaries by a crucial intermediary: Joseph Stalin. 
Communism - as interpreted by Lenin, Stalin and Mao - is a total ideology. At the risk of being politically insensitive, it is totalitarian. 
Xi Jinping has reinvigorated ideology to an extent we have not seen since the Cultural Revolution. 
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Under house arrest in Vancouver, Huawei CFO lives in luxury and spends her days out shopping – Financial Post
“I’ve been working hard for 25 years,” she said through her lawyer during her bail hearings last month. “If released, my only simple goal would be to spend time with my husband and daughter. I haven’t read a novel in years.”
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3 Axis Handheld Camera Gimbal | ZHIYUN Crane PLUS
ZHIYUN is the world leader in gimbal stabilizers.Camera gimbal Crane Plus adds a newly designed POV (Point of View) mode that allows for additional camera movement by providing up to 45 degrees of synchronous motion on the roll axis,This adds a sense of realism to your first-person footage.
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16 hours ago by asaltydog
Tencent plugs holes, and boosts profits, with 163 new investments | South China Morning Post
In the third quarter, Tencent’s profit increased 30 per cent mainly due to gains from investment-related items
tencent  china  companies 
17 hours ago by jayyy
Chinese drone maker DJI uncovers corruption, sees $150 million loss | Reuters
China's SZ DJI Technology Co Ltd, the world's largest maker of consumer drones, has discovered several cases of serious corruption at the company and expects 2018 losses of more than 1 billion yuan ($150 million) as a result, it said on Friday.
fraud  china  companies 
17 hours ago by jayyy
U.S. Said to Prepare Trump Order to Restrict Chinese Telecoms - Bloomberg
Maximal damage would be ZTE like ban from buying US tech (chips and such), minimal would be banned from selling products in US.
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