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Assessor - El Dorado County
California’s current property tax law allows homeowners over 55  a once in a lifetime transfer of the assessed value of a principal residence to a replacement of equal or lesser value and realize a property tax savings. PROPOSITION 5, on the statewide ballot this November, will change the formulas and anyone contemplating the sale of your existing residence and purchasing a replacement in the State should carefully read and consider the following information. This discussion is broken into two parts. The first is an explanation of the current law and what changes under Prop 5. The second part is a discussion of timing considerations.
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Tolay Lake Regional Park, co-managed by county and Graton Rancheria tribe, opening Oct. 27
Tolay Lake Regional Park, the largest in the Sonoma County park system, will open for daily public use late this month, marking a much-celebrated occasion that’s been 13 years in the making.

The park opening on Oct. 27 will lift the veil on hidden scenic treasures, miles of trails, diverse wildlife and hallowed aboriginal healing grounds — all of it mostly off-limits to the general public up to this point.

At 3,400 acres, “it’s a massive land base and an important ecological preserve for the county,” Regional Parks Director Bert Whitaker said. “And it has amazing cultural history.”
California  Native_American  land  park  management 
yesterday by Quercki
Miwok Archaeological Preserve of Marin (MAPOM) - Posts
Miwok Archaeological Preserve of Marin (MAPOM)
October 11 at 11:47 AM ·

Incredible long term effort and commitment to make this Park/Tribe collaboration come to life. The Federated Indians of Graton Rancheria (Coast Miwok/Pomo) partnered and invested with the Sonoma County Park system to open the largest park in the county! Hope this is the beginning of many more to come!
california  Native_American  land  park 
yesterday by Quercki
California Password Law | 1Password
California just became the first state to put a cybersecurity law on the books for any internet-connected devices that are made or sold in the state. This new legislation goes into effect January 2020 and is designed to protect consumers by setting higher security standards for smart devices.
To comply with this new law, companies will either need to set a unique password for the device at the time of manufacture or prompt people to set a new password during the initial device setup.
state  gov2.0  passwords  privacy  security  california 
5 days ago by rgl7194
Hellfire: this is what our future looks like under climate change | World news | The Guardian
When you compare photos of the hypocenter of that nuclear blast with the excoriated ground just south of the Hartmans’ property, they are hard to tell apart.
wildfires  california  environment 
5 days ago by jomc
Stats reveal how generous Americans are with their time - CNN
Near the bottom of the list, the Los Angeles region area placed 46th, with about 19%.
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