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As Carr Fire Kills 2 in California, Firefighters Reflect on a Job Now ‘Twice as Violent’ - The New York Times
Since 2012, according to state emergency management officials, there has not been a month without a wildfire burning — a stark contrast to previous decades, when fire officials saw the fall and winter as a time to plan and regroup. The recent historic drought and rising temperatures have heightened an already serious risk for widespread fires in the state.
“This job has gotten twice as busy and twice as violent,” said Mr. Rice, who retired from fighting fires in 2011 and is based in Sacramento, and is now president of California Professional Firefighters, a statewide union. “I was down in Ventura and realized, holy smokes, we have firefighters on the fire line on Christmas Day. In my 30 years, I’ve never heard of that.

“This is the first year for me that I really feel like one fire season has connected itself to the next 12 months,” he added. “Is that going to be the new normal or the new reality? I don’t know.”

“What’s going on in the background is we’ve got warmer conditions. It’s making our fuels drier earlier and for longer,” Dr. Balch said. “Wildfires are a real in-your-face way we’re seeing evidence of a warming climate.”

California is feeling the brunt. Seven of the state’s largest forest fires have come in the last decade, including one every year since 2012.
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CA political hacking
Cyberwarfare against one of Rohrbacher's opponents
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The Unlikely Activists Who Took On Silicon Valley — and Won - The New York Times
acebook alone belonged to more than four dozen trade associations and industry coalitions, political shields that could advance Facebook’s interests in battles that were too toxic for direct engagement. It supported the Anti-Defamation League and the American Council of the Blind, the American Conservative Union and the N.A.A.C.P. It disbursed millions of dollars in grants to tech-advocacy groups — including those that sometimes criticized them. Like the web of personal data it mined for profit, Silicon Valley’s political network was simultaneously immense, powerful and inscrutable.
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