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Making a sys crate
Overview of all the things to keep in mind when making a Rust binding library to native code.
rust  c  c++ 
5 hours ago by bobsomers
Tearing apart printf() – MaiZure's Projects
nice really deep dive into printf and compiled c in general
c  programming  printf 
23 hours ago by thcipriani
Katran - High performance layer 4 load balancer
A cpp library and bpf program to build high performance layer 4 load balancing forwarding plane. katran leverages XDP infrastructure from the kernel to provide in-kernel facility for fast packet's processing. By Facebook.
networking  C  opensource  performance  proxy 
yesterday by liqweed
Tearing apart printf() – MaiZure's Projects
If 'Hello World' is the first program for C students, then printf() is probably the first function. I've had to answer questions about printf() many times over the years, so I've finally set aside time for an informal writeup. The common questions fit roughly in to two forms:

Easy: How does the printf mechanically solve the format problem?
Complex: How does printf actually display text on my console?

My usual answer?
"Just open up stdio.h and track it down"

This wild goose chase is not only a great learning experience, but also an interesting test for the dedicated beginner. Will they come back with an answer? If so, how detailed is it? What IS a good answer?
c  programming 
3 days ago by micktwomey

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