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Logging to Systemd's Journal in Python | Lincoln Loop
I'll be the first to admit that I was skeptical about Systemd and its companion log aggregator Journald, but after working with if for a few months, I've seen the light (or drunk the Kool Aid... not sure). Typically I log everything to flat log files on the disk. It's safe and "grep-able".
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yesterday by parkergrimes
Basgitaar Blog
Tumblr over alles wat met basgitaren, bassisten en basmuziek te maken heeft.
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yesterday by LolaBola
India Travelogue: Pratyahara: Forgotten Limb of Yoga by Dr David Frawley
In yogic thought there are three levels of ahara, or food. The first is physical food that brings in the five elements necessary to nourish the body. The second is impressions, which bring in the subtle substances necessary to nourish the mind - the sensations of sound, touch, sight, taste, and smell. The third level of ahara is our associations, the people we hold at heart level who serve to nourish the soul and affect us with the gunas of sattva, rajas, and tamas.
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yesterday by harikaram
Get Organized with Styled-Components | Toptal
via Pocket - Styled-Components: CSS-in-JS Library for the Modern Web CSS was designed for documents, what the “old web” was expected to contain. The emergence of preprocessors like Sass or Less shows that the community needs more than what CSS offers.
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yesterday by mannieschumpert

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