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Everything I Wish I’d Known Before I Started Demoing SaaS
I had spent 25 minutes showing a content team the many ways Airstory would improve their lives when their manager looked at me and said: I knew that to be an absolute fact because I had spent nearly…
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11 hours ago by gregg
Sash Zats on Twitter: "[1/4] When performing intensive animations or other auxiliary work consider creating a helper checking following (in no particular order):"
When performing intensive animations or other auxiliary work consider creating a helper checking following (in no particular order):

• NSProcessInfo thermalState - is device already working hard
• NSProcessInfo isLowPowerModeEnabled - is user trying to safe battery
• UIAccessibilityIsReduceMotionEnabled - is user sensitive to motion
• UIDevice batteryState & batteryLevel - to know when device is not charging and low on battery
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3 days ago by cdzombak

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