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Go-SCP · GitBook
Go Language - Web Application Secure Coding Practices is a guide written for anyone who is using the Go Programming Language and aims to use it for web development.
bestpractices  golang  security  programming  books 
11 hours ago by pkaeding
A Roadmap for PHP Learning – Matt Burgess – Medium
One of the really great things about PHP is it’s got a super-low barrier to entry, but a nice path towards gradual improvement as you get more experience and knowledge. Unfortunately, for a new…
php  eduction  learning  webdev  tutorials  bestpractices 
18 hours ago by davemac
Mastering the use of PHP conditionals | The Man in the Arena
No set of control structures is more pervasive in programming than if, elseif and else. With a few exceptions, you’ll use at least one per function or method that you write. There’s just no way around it.
eduction  learning  webdev  tutorials  php  bestpractices 
18 hours ago by davemac
(121) Creating Effective Images - YouTube
Abby Fuller - Software Engineer/Technical Evangelist, AWS Sick of getting paged at 2am and wondering "where did all my disk space go?" This has actually happ...
dockercon  2017  effective  container  containers  images  bestpractices 
19 hours ago by pinterb
PHP Variables Bootcamp | Know the Code
PHP Variables Bootcamp - learn about variables, arguments, parameters, scope, memory, globals, static, passing by reference, naming, & PHP internals.
bestpractices  php  programming  webdev  learning  tutorials  education 
2 days ago by davemac

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