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CI/CD for Kubernetes
kubernetes  deployment  architecture 
5 hours ago by summerwind
PyTorch – Internal Architecture Tour | Terra Incognita
Contents Introduction Short intro to Python extension objects in C/C++ Zero-copy PyTorch Tensor to Numpy and vice-versa Tensor Storage Shared Memory DLPack: a hope for the Deep Learning frameworks Babel Introduction This post is a tour around the PyTorch codebase, it is meant to be a guide for the architectural design
python  architecture  pytorch  deeplearning  ml  ai 
7 hours ago by grinful
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6 things to know before going serverless The battle scars are still fresh from my first serverless project. There were quite a few things I took for granted based on my prior experience using EC2 instances — and those assumptions cost me some time and effort. via Pocket
ifttt  pocket  architecture  framework  programming  reference  serverless 
10 hours ago by jeremyday

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