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home 2018 - Twinmotion 2018
Twinmotion 2018 has been developed for architectural, construction, urban planning and landscaping professionals, regardless of the size and complexity of their project, their equipment, their computer skills or their modeler.
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12 hours ago by sherbondy
The Cult of Le Corbusier — Quadrant Online
For an architect whose abstract ideas were, he assured us, very so important, he wasn’t much of a thinker. His notions were to real thought what doggerel is to genuine poetry -- a catalogue of inaccuracy, looseness, laziness and mendacity, all covered in a thick sauce of arrogant self-confidence...

It is certainly true that Le Corbusier was a master: but a master of propaganda and self-promotion in a credulous age, not a master of architecture.
12 hours ago by campion1581
Thomassons - 99% Invisible
Podcast about elements in the built environment being maintained even though they no longer have any use. Thomassons are named after the US baseball player who was given a huge salary to play in Japan and who was eventually benched for most of his time.
architecture  podcasts  design 
13 hours ago by stephenfrancoeur
The Twelve-Factor App
In the modern era, software is commonly delivered as a service: called web apps, or software-as-a-service. The twelve-factor app is a methodology for building software-as-a-service apps that:

Use declarative formats for setup automation, to minimize time and cost for new developers joining the project;
Have a clean contract with the underlying operating system, offering maximum portability between execution environments;
Are suitable for deployment on modern cloud platforms, obviati...
programming  architecture  best-practices  12factor 
21 hours ago by sandipb
Applying the ADM across the Architecture Landscape
Landscape - Three levels of granularity:

1. Strategic Architecture provides an organizing framework for operational and change activity and allows for direction setting at an executive level.
2. Segment Architecture provides an organizing framework for operational and change activity and allows for direction setting and the development of effective architecture roadmaps at a program or portfolio level.
3. Capability Architecture provides an organizing framework for change activity and the development of effective architecture roadmaps realizing capability increments.
togaf  landscape  architecture  adm 
yesterday by bharrison
Togaf Architecture Partitioning
Partitions are used to simplify the development and management of the enterprise architecture.

Partitions lie at the foundation of Architecture Governance and are distinct from levels and the organizing concepts of the Architecture Continuum

it is valuable to partition and organize the Enterprise Continuum into a set of related solutions and architectures with:

* Manageable complexity for each individual architecture or solution
* Defined groupings
* Defined hierarchies and navigation structures
* Appropriate processes, roles, and responsibilities attached to each grouping

The following characteristics are generally not used to partition an Architecture Landscape:

* Architectures used to describe the Architecture Landscape are generally not abstract.
* Solution volatility generally prevents architectures from being defined that are far in the future. Volatility also reduces the accuracy of historic architectures over time, as the organization changes and adapts to new circumstances.
togaf  architecture  partitioning 
yesterday by bharrison

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