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SAP Hybris exec Q&A – Creating a front-office ERP platform - by @derek_dupreez
"Carsten Thoma, president of SAP Hybris, gives us his rundown on the company’s focus for creating an enablement and engagement platform."
cloud  platforms  -  infrastructure  and  architecture  e-commerce  retail  the  omni-channel 
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'Norman said the president wants a pyramid': how starchitects built Astana | Cities | The Guardian
“In the summer of 2004 we got a phone call from Norman, who was on holiday in Cap Ferrat at the time,” recalls senior partner Nigel Dancey. “He said the president of Kazakhstan wants a pyramid. It has to be finished in 21 months. Let your imagination soar.”
architecture  kazakhstan  normanfoster  tonyblair 
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Software architecture is failing – Alex Hudson
Simple technologies and systems aren't being used as much as they should be.
softwaredevelopment  architecture 
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