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Americans Own Less Stuff, and That’s Reason to Be Nervous - Bloomberg
"Some social problems are blatantly obvious in daily life, while others are longer-term, more corrosive and perhaps mostly invisible. Lately I’ve been worrying about a problem of the latter kind: the erosion of personal ownership and what that will mean for our loyalties to traditional American concepts of capitalism and private property."
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18 hours ago by danhon
The “Democrat Party” needs a counter-epithet for the GOP.
Democrat Party, which is both one of the United States’ two major political parties and an insult cast in the furnaces of midcentury partisan discourse. As Hendrik Hertzberg documented for the New Yorker in 2006, politicians like Joe McCarthy and Bob Dole used the term, which lowers a guillotine blade between democratic principles (good) and Democrats (bad). George W. Bush favored it as well. The epithet has an unlovely sound; it “fairly screams ‘rat,’ ” Hertzberg observed. “At a slightly higher level of sophistication,” he continued, “it’s an attempt to deny the enemy the positive connotations of its chosen appellation.”
Most important of all, the name accomplishes the objective of getting under Democrat(ic) skin. Left-wing politicians look pedantic when they bother to correct the record, and they look weak when they allow their adversaries to dictate what they are called. Over the years, Democratic National Committee delegates have tried to dream up an equivalent taunt. One proposal, to call the GOP the “Publican Party,” ironically evoked Roman tax collectors—and also conjured, for me, the delightful prospect of a Pelican Party, which would scoop all Americans into its capacious beak—but the committee rejected it.
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yesterday by corrales
Roger Stone says he didn’t notice swastikas in Space Force meme he posted, deleted - The Washington Post
“I love that I was be[ing] mocked by the left — it’s a badge of honor,” he said. “The image was sent to me by a hater.”

He also posted a image with the word “Sorry” on Instagram.
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yesterday by corrales

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