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The Wavefunction Collapse Algorithm explained very clearly | Robert Heaton
Super-simple explanation (and implementation) of wave-function collapse. Great for procedurally generating maps, or even assigning seats to tables at a wedding using only simple rules.
algorithm  compsci  generator 
2 hours ago by tobym
Lines and Distance of a Point to a Line
derivation of distance formula. Trying to derive Zoe Woods formula from impressionist code.
computational_geometry  algorithm 
3 hours ago by bytezen
Twitter rolls out ‘sparkle button’ to let users hide the algorithmic feed • TechCrunch
Lucas Matney:
<p>Twitter is giving users the ability to easily switch between seeing the latest tweets first and seeing the company’s algorithmically chosen “Top Tweets” when they open the app.

The company began testing this feature a few weeks ago, but they are officially rolling it out globally to all iOS users today, with Android and desktop users likely getting access to the feature sometime in January, according to the company.

This is part-resolution and part extended cop-out for Twitter, which has spent the better part of the past couple of years figuring out how to satisfy a need for growth with vocal, loyal users who want the act of opening the app to continue to mean getting the immediate pulse of the internet.</p>

A rare win for the good old reverse chronological there, but only if people discover the magic button.
twitter  algorithm  chronological 
3 hours ago by charlesarthur
Music in bars and shops is watching and listening to customers
“We talk about ourselves as an experience lab. We don’t see ourselves as big brothering customers."
Privacy  ai  algorithm  technology  Pearls 
4 hours ago by mrbennett
RobinHood: tail latency aware caching – dynamic reallocation from cache-rich to cache-poor | the morning paper
Clever caching policy that reduces tail latency significantly in practice by caching more for backends that are most responsible for high tail latency.
cache  algorithm  performance 
5 hours ago by tobym
The Programming Languages Zoo
The programming Languages Zoo is a collection of miniature programming languages which demonstrates various concepts and techniques used in programming language design and implementation. It is a good starting point for those who would like to implement their own programming language, or just learn how it is done.
ocaml  algorithm  language 
yesterday by objectx
[0906.3554] On the Algorithmic Nature of the World
We propose a test based on the theory of algorithmic complexity and an experimental evaluation of Levin's universal distribution to identify evidence in support of or in contravention of the claim that the world is algorithmic in nature. To this end we have undertaken a statistical comparison of the frequency distributions of data from physical sources on the one hand--repositories of information such as images, data stored in a hard drive, computer programs and DNA sequences--and the frequency distributions generated by purely algorithmic means on the other--by running abstract computing devices such as Turing machines, cellular automata and Post Tag systems. Statistical correlations were found and their significance measured.
yesterday by tonyyet
GitHub - fluxrider/playlist_shuffle: Novel approach at shuffling a looping sequence.
“Not too far / not too repetitive” shuffle — could be used for sound or pictures in a frame
2 days ago by lobrien
mattpodwysocki/rxjs-advent-2018: RxJS 2018 Advent Calendar
RxJS 2018 Advent Calendar. Contribute to mattpodwysocki/rxjs-advent-2018 development by creating an account on GitHub.
javascript  language  algorithm 
2 days ago by objectx
NSGA-II explained! - analytics lab @ OU
Genetic algorithm for multi-objective ... chooses non-dominated candidates
optimization  algorithm  geneticalgorithm 
3 days ago by erdman

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