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Rasa - Open source conversational AI
Build great conversational AI in-house. Open source machine learning tools for developers and product teams to expand bots beyond answering simple questions.
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Stanford AI4ALL
Girls' camp on artificial intelligence. For 9th graders.
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Preliminary report released for crash involving pedestrian, Uber Technologies test vehicle • NTSB
<p>The <a href="">report</a> states data obtained from the self-driving system shows the system first registered radar and LIDAR observations of the pedestrian about six seconds before impact, when the vehicle was traveling 43 mph. As the vehicle and pedestrian paths converged, the self-driving system software classified the pedestrian as an unknown object, as a vehicle, and then as a bicycle with varying expectations of future travel path. At 1.3 seconds before impact, the self-driving system determined that emergency braking was needed to mitigate a collision. According to Uber emergency braking maneuvers are not enabled while the vehicle is under computer control to reduce the potential for erratic vehicle behavior. The vehicle operator is relied on to intervene and take action. The system is not designed to alert the operator.

In the report the NTSB said the self-driving system data showed the vehicle operator engaged the steering wheel less than a second before impact and began braking less than a second after impact. The vehicle operator said in an NTSB interview that she had been monitoring the self-driving interface and that while her personal and business phones were in the vehicle neither were in use until after the crash.

All aspects of the self-driving system were operating normally at the time of the crash, and there were no faults or diagnostic messages.</p>

It doesn't do emergency braking when it's under computer control, but it doesn't alert the "driver" either. That's all sorts of wrong. It's a pity that someone had to die for this huge error to become apparent.
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yesterday by charlesarthur
RT : At Chris Heilmann () explores the ways developers can help to ensure provides a positive expe…
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