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RT : First stretches its legs for the first time in 25 years.
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Jamie Carragher hits out at Premier League quality after Chelsea exit | Chelsea
Jamie Carragher hits out at Premier League quality after Chelsea exit | Chelsea Putin Critic Calls for Sanctions on Chelsea Owner Abramovich Chelsea #Chelsea March 13, 2015 at 11:31AM
ifttt  delicious  twitter  bitly  out  Chelsea  213  exit  League  after  hits  at  Carragher  Jamie  Premier  quality  must  rediscover  panicking  not  are  spark  blow  PSG  but  577  video  referees  illustrated  727  have  technology  why  replay 
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No evidence homeopathy works, research council finds | homeopathy
No evidence homeopathy works, research council finds | homeopathy (500) http://t.co/RM3NPgvKgU http://t.co/0Yn7MteQVg from gima2327, March 12, 2015 at 06:42PM http://twitter.com/gima2327/status/576075760399560704 http://t.co/RM3NPgvKgU, gima2327, Twitter March 12, 2015 at 06:47PM
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The 727 that Vanished
> In 2003, a 727 that once flew for American Airlines disappeared from Angola.

Super fascinating.
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march 2013 by dominik
The 727 that Vanished
In 2003, a 727 that once flew for American Airlines disappeared from Angola.
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Airport Journals
"Ever wonder what happens to retired airliners once their flying days are over? Most of them are parted out with the remaining fuselage chopped up and sold as scrap aluminum. A few escape the scrapper's blade to be displayed in museums.

"Still fewer are given a reprieve by members of an exclusive club of individuals who have turned their aeronautical flights of fancy into reality, without ever leaving the ground, by transforming salvaged airplanes into personal residences."
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This 727 Was Deliberately Crashed In the Desert For a TV Show We Can't Wait To See [Crashes]
When a plane unfortunately crashes there's no shortage of photos and video of the wreckage, but rarely footage of the actual impact. So to appease our morbid curiosity of what really happens when a large airliner crashes, the Discovery Channel deliberately downed a 727 in the desert for an upcoming show. More »
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