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Discussioni su Rai 4K (LCN 210) - Pagina 276
Update del 01/03/19 By Ercolino


11727 V
SR 27500
FEC 2/3
Rai  4K 
3 days ago by Tomfly58
New Mini Pro G2, Blackmagic for Pocket Cinema Camera , a quad HDMI card, l…
Ursa  4K  Decklink  RAW  from twitter_favs
12 days ago by jbhewitt
TAIHE Gemini|最もお買い求めいただきやすいモバイルモニター日本上陸! - CAMPFIRE (キャンプファイヤー)
15.6インチのFHDタッチスクリーン、または4K UHDスクリーン|バッテリー内蔵|キックスタンド付き。ジェミニは、お使いのディスプレイの能力を更に拡大させ、生産性を向上させます。
windows  mobile  display  mac  4k 
16 days ago by nsasaki
Fanfic: Blinding Reality, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow | FanFiction
Just who is more important to Joe? Polly or Dex? The answer isn't hard.
4k  joe/dex 
20 days ago by katereis
Software synthesizer based on additive synthesis
synthesizer  audio  music  tools  4k  demoscene 
23 days ago by Z303
4K Blu-rays
Here is an updating list to help you separate the real 4K films from the fake ones. Enjoy the movies!
Movies  Tips  4K  2K  Blu-ray 
25 days ago by seflaherty

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