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Orange Guinea launches 4G in Conakry
TeleGeography’s free daily email summary of the world’s top telecom news stories.
guinea-conakry  Africa  2019  4G  LTE  Orange  launch  guineaconakry 
6 days ago by stevesong
Ceragon to deploy 4G network in Equatorial Guinea
TeleGeography’s free daily email summary of the world’s top telecom news stories.
equatorialguinea  Africa  2019  4G  LTE  GreenCom  expansion 
10 days ago by stevesong
Puck - Poynting
Small and Powerful – Poynting’s new versatile, IoT and M2M Antenna Series
glonass  5g  mimo  aussenantenne  4g  gps  lte  antenne 
15 days ago by ferdinandfuchs
Irish government concludes there is no viable plan B | total telecom
“We still don’t have universal 4G coverage so it’s a bit of a pipe dream to suggest we are going to have universal 5G coverage to deliver the national broadband plan,” the country's communications minister, Richard Bruton, said.
5g  4g  wireless  networkandtelecoms  ireland  totwitter 
21 days ago by renaissancechambara
Developing Telecoms - Developing Telecoms
When it came to consistent quality, AT&T has the highest excellent consistent quality by a significant margin, 42% compared to results close to 16% for the other two operators. This advantage is explained by two things: AT&T’s superior 4G latency performance, and the fact that AT&T has a greater proportion of its users on 4G
att  mexico  4g  ovum 
25 days ago by yorksranter
Onatel secures XOF40bn loan to acquire 4G licence
TeleGeography’s free daily email summary of the world’s top telecom news stories.
Africa  BurkinaFaso  2019  LTE  4G  license  MarocTelecom  Onatel 
4 weeks ago by stevesong
Orange Guinea acquires its 4G license, comforting its leadership - Ecofin Agency
Orange Guinea is increasing the pressure on its local competitors MTN and Cellcom. On March 14, 2019, the operator acquired a 4G licence thus
Africa  Guinea  2019  Orange  4G  license  lte 
4 weeks ago by stevesong
Orange Guinea awarded 4G licence
TeleGeography’s free daily email summary of the world’s top telecom news stories.
Guinea  Orange  Africa  2019  LTE  4G  launch 
5 weeks ago by stevesong

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