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4chan: The Skeleton Key to the Rise of Trump – Medium
Trump’s younger supporters know he’s an incompetent joke; in fact, that’s why they support him.
2016election  trump  4chan  america  fascism  weresofucked  toread 
7 days ago by laurenipsum
4chan and Trump
A history of how hateful meme culture became politically influential
4chan  memes  via:metafilter  internet  culture  chanology 
8 days ago by nelson
"what's the inside story on these young fascist nazis"
Excellent explanatory twitter thread explaining where this movement came from (ie chan sites):
"what's the inside story on these young fascist nazis" a lot of them ended up in shock humor/lonely dude forums that nazi recruiters joined.
this isn't a fucking puzzle box, we have all the history right here. dudes ended up on various sites crossing nerdy hobbies & resentment.
a buncha fucking nerds had their various dipshit teenage beefs, many starting with resentment of women, and got radicalized.
"how did they end up nazis?" a bunch of real nazis whispered poison in their ears while becoming their only community, their only "friends".
they also used multiple levels of irony to make bigotry and fascism more acceptable by drowning it in "oh we're just joking"
nazis  fascism  4chan  8chan  extremism  politics 
21 days ago by jm
4chan.org 是个什么样的网站
少楠说:4chan 是个很神奇互联网社区,丑陋的网站没他流量大,流量大的网站没他丑陋,纯粹匿名的设计和24小时清理服务器的规则,让他有了「互联网的屁眼」的美称。这种纯粹依靠「人民」的设计机制,会让社区变得充满暴力,还是会诞生新的正义?回答里面的创始人在 TED 的演讲推荐观看
匿名  社区  4chan 
23 days ago by plidezus
Hacking the Attention Economy
Can't help feeling danah boyd is hitting the nail on the head here:
The Internet has long been used for gaslighting, and trolls have long targeted adversaries. What has shifted recently is the scale of the operation, the coordination of the attacks, and the strategic agenda of some of the players.
For many who are learning these techniques, it’s no longer simply about fun, nor is it even about the lulz. It has now become about acquiring power.
A new form of information manipulation is unfolding in front of our eyes. It is political. It is global. And it is populist in nature. The news media is being played like a fiddle, while decentralized networks of people are leveraging the ever-evolving networked tools around them to hack the attention economy.
danah-boyd  news  facebook  social-media  gaslighting  trolls  4chan  lulz  gamergate  fake-news 
7 weeks ago by jm
Is ’s War On The American Counterculture & People

NEW on
4Chan  LGBT  MyMPN  Pizzagate  from twitter
8 weeks ago by kitoconnell

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