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An online streaming radio for anime music which orignated with the /a/ community on 4chan.
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23 days ago by mca62511
Donald Trump / anime
Donald Trump will make anime real
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26 days ago by nelson
Still Life (Betamale), Jon Rafman + Oneohtrix Point Never, 2013 on Vimeo
Special thanks to FM TOWNS MARTY, Swampy T Fox, Kigurumiwa, Rajutenrakuza, Kiwikig2, and Daniel Swan SOURCES img http://fmtownsmarty.tumblr.com http://www.reddit.com/r/shittybattlestations…
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28 days ago by Codiak
/lit/ - Literature
Whoa, never occurred to me that both Tom Cruise and John Travolta started off as Catholics, that Catholics have to confess, that if you have half a brain you realize that (say) John Travolta never bothered to confess that he liked having sex with men, he realized that psychiatry didn't seem to be able to change people's sexuality, but he still felt guilty about his sexuality, so he found L.Ron's system of "auditing" which is basically a Freudian Catholic Confessional with a fake lie-detector attached.
pynchon  4chan 
6 weeks ago by auerbach
/lit/ - Literature
Is @dril or horse ebooks or the like entertaining? Yes. Is it literary/artistic? That's problematic. The problem is that culture is being atomized, devoured, digested by the Internet. I don't even have the right verb for what's going on because it's going on now and we are all implicated in it. But one of the more baleful manifestations is the desire to treat art/literature as memetic, i.e., to see them only for their informational content. So a @dril tweet is only artistic insofar as it is memorable---it refuses to offer legitimate information while also forcing itself to stick in your mind lastingly and gratifyingly. In that sense it's an analogue of poetry---I mean, a highly circumscribed form, since 140 characters is no more or less arbitrary than a haiku or a villanelle---but it can't aspire to anything other than what it is. A random linguistic fragment that establishes meaning through a refusal to do so, or through an implied subversion of other poetic meanings. It can't accommodate narrative. It can't do anything but infect the larger flow of time and pseud-information on Twitter as it passes, and it's value comes mainly from the implied critique of everything else on Twitter (mostly, as far as I can tell, journalists being stupid in real time, and self-promotion--charming or tedious as the case may be--on the part of everybody else). So it's like saying that the only place a haiku can exist is in the middle of a physics textbook, and you have to believe the physics textbook is important to fully appreciate the haiku. I have no idea if I'm making sense anymore, but if I didn't make a prolix pretentious effort this wouldn't be /lit/ would it? I guess my point is that it's worth considering as an aesthetic phenomenon on the Internet----but the Internet is so wholly altering those aspects of our brain which respond to art (like, the willingness to have the TEMPORAL experience of Bleak House as part of the narrative experience) that I'm not actually sure any of these categories will still be standing by the time we figure out what Twitter is. For all I know, in 20 years time we will realize that Twitter was the fortune-cookie-factory of the Singularity all along, and nobody noticed.
pynchon  4chan 
6 weeks ago by auerbach
/lit/ - Literature
Shall I lay it out in lemmata? (That being the proper Greek plural.)
1. The "Taxis" in Thurn & Taxis is ascribed as being derived from the Italian word "Tasso" meaning "badger." Here's the passage....

"Soon he had added to his iconography the muted post horn and a dead badger with its four feet in the air (some said that the name Taxis came from the Italian tasso, badger, referring to hats of badger fur the early Bergamascan couriers wore). He began a sub rosa campaign of obstruction, terror and depredation along the Thurn and Taxis mail routes. Oedipa spent the next several days in and out of libraries and earnest discussions with Emory Bortz and Genghis Cohen". (If you don't believe me.)
2. Look up the Latin verb "torqueo, torquere". It means: to twist, turn, screw. "Torquato" is a Latin past-participle. Torquato Tasso = Turned Badger.
3. Of course "Thurn" is the German word for "tower", like the tower in Remedios Varo's painting.
4. Of course there is a famous poem about Torquato Tasso (besides Goethe's) by Shelley (Julian & Maddalo) which describe's Tasso as a madman locked away in a tower.
5. Shall I go on?
pynchon  4chan  lot49 
6 weeks ago by auerbach
/lit/ - Literature
pynchon  4chan 
6 weeks ago by auerbach
A reactionary counterculture on the Internet, connections to Trump's popularity
racism  4chan  culture  internet  trump  counterculture 
7 weeks ago by nelson
Inside /pol/, 4chan’s Racist Heart -- Following: How We Live Online
Not surprised to see these suspects active on the most notorious boards on the web.
blacklivesmatter  minneapolis  newyorkmagazine  racism  4chan 
11 weeks ago by UltraNurd

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