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Wings in my back legs | 4chan | Know Your Meme

Guys listen.

I have the best ide

guys listen

I have the best idea ever.


I'll put WINGS



I'll put WINGS
guys listen here

I'll put WINGS... on my BACK legs.
meme  4chan 
2 days ago by jotjotjes
A Final Word on #notyourshield
Gamergate will tell you that #notyourshield was created to give voice to the minorities within gamergate who felt they were being drowned out and unfairly lumped in with allegations of misogyny and racism, and also that opponents of gamergate were speaking in their names when making said allegations.

The reality is #notyourshield is an astroturfing campaign designed to invalidate very real accusations of misogyny and racism in gamergate, and a deliberate attempt to silence people and create divisions within minority communities most likely to oppose gamergate.

But first some history.
gamergate  racism  misogyny  4chan 
8 days ago by campylobacter
Recommended Reading/Literature by type - /lit/ Wiki
Contents[show] By format Novellas By theme Aphoristic Essential Aphoristic Literature Tao Te...
reading  list  4chan  books  book  literature 
9 days ago by BadCriticism
anon works in IT - Imgur
the combined 2 part story from /b/ of anon works in IT
4chan  greentext  stories  technology  humour 
4 weeks ago by Poly
A pragmatist's startup spin-down - Chris Hates Writing
RT @waxpancake: DrawQuest proactively gave their archives to the Internet Archive on closure. Please let this become a trend.
internetarchive  4chan 
6 weeks ago by edsu
4chan - News
moot tritt bei 4chan zurück. Zeit wird zeigen, was sich dort ändert oder ob die Massen wieder woanders hin ziehen… ☞
moot  4chan  netzkultur 
6 weeks ago by martin.weber
The invasion boards that set out to ruin lives
Jay Allen, on Boing Boing: "The internet has entered our lives: it's no longer a a virtual world where nothing is real. It's a tool that people use every day to stay in contact with their friends and family and conduct business. And this integration of the internet with our lives—and the trails we leave as we use it—has become a new weapon for the hateful and bored to lash out."
boingboing  gamergate  4chan  trolling  doxxing  harassment  internetculture  digitalrhetoric 
6 weeks ago by warnick

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