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RT : Here's one of my most recent, a look at fascism, from my mailing list .

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7 days ago by kitoconnell
My latest goes inside the mind of the fascists spilling out from their basements & into our stre…
4chan  GonzoNotes  from twitter
10 days ago by kitoconnell
Meme warfare in France
Failures of the US style online propaganda
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18 days ago by nelson
Anonymous Conservative -- 4Chan Creating A Face Database Of Antifa Members
'...Notice even without training, those in the battle are recognizing the power of intel. Up next will be sending infiltrators into Antifa planning sessions with hidden body cams, photography with telephoto lenses at staging areas, running foot and vehicular follows after the protests to follow protestors home, and recruiting and running informants in the organization. -- ...you have to respect the ingenuity of the new generation and its eagerness to jump into the battle. Nothing will shut down r-strategists like the threat of 4Chan’ers taking away their jobs, eliminating their resources, and upending their lives.'
internet  cognitivesurplus  surveillance  equiveillance  vigilantism  4chan 
27 days ago by adamcrowe
How the "isolated man-boys" of 4chan turned a meme into the president of the United States — Quartz
Absolutely fantastic read on the history of 4chan, it's evolution, and how this all came to bear on the 2016 presidential election.
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28 days ago by chritter

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