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Random Internet culture slang; I love the detailed etymology research that Know Your Meme does
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2 days ago by nelson
4chan is a simple image-based bulletin board where anyone can post comments and share images anonymously.
4chan  board 
4 days ago by deadman36g
4chan tripcodes
4chan has a way to post non-anonymously
4chan  anonymity 
11 days ago by nelson
We’re all trolls now, for better and for worse: How the Internet lost its prankster lulz and found its outrage - Salon.com
We may wonder why such people behave the way they do, why they devote so much time and energy to, say, taunting a columnist about her father’s death, but we only occasionally doubt that they mean what they say. Yet only a few years ago — during what Phillips calls “the golden age of trolling” — the opposite was the case. This period, between 2008 and 2011, saw the rise of a self-identified troll subculture rooted in the image board 4Chan, where anonymous posters gathered to swap jokes, pornographic images and insults, and to plan elaborate, prankish raids on other sectors of the Internet. Most of the time they couldn’t care less about the topics or people they trolled. They were in it for the lulz.
salon  4chan  theinternet  internet  trolling 
18 days ago by hearteq
4chan's Frog Meme Went Mainstream, So They Tried to Kill It | Motherboard
Once an in-joke, the meme has been co-opted by celebrities much to the dismay of long-term fans, who have collected “rare” Pepe images over the years only to watch them lose their exclusive cachet. A flood of Pepe images has surfaced online in recent days in response, with the aim of devaluing the meme until it falls out of use completely.
vice  4chan  memes  parody  humour 
22 days ago by Poly

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