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Inside /pol/, 4chan’s Racist Heart -- Following: How We Live Online
Not surprised to see these suspects active on the most notorious boards on the web.
blacklivesmatter  minneapolis  newyorkmagazine  racism  4chan 
2 days ago by UltraNurd
Anon wants an explanation - Imgur
Images from /r/4chan/comments/3smrad/anon_wants_an_explanation/
14 days ago by jonathanseneris
The Real Story Behind #BoycottStarWarsVII is About Normalizing Racism
What it does is carve out a niche where someone who honestly thinks Star Wars represents a radical liberal diversity agenda can have a cartoonish bigot to point at and say that he is nothing like that other guy. It enables someone to remain deeply uncomfortable about the increased presence of women and minorities in mainstream media, but still call himself the good guy because there is someone worse than him, even if that person is largely imaginary.
StarWars  racism  4chan  media  mediajournalism  whiteprivilege  representation 
5 weeks ago by campylobacter
4channers now threatening to shoot up every school they can think of, as well as Whoville and the moon
Universities in the Philadelphia area were on high alert today after a threat directed at them was posted on 4chan’s /r9k/ board. The anonymous threat (everything is anonymous on 4chan) deliberately called to mind the threat/warning posted on the same message board last week, the day before a gunman shot and killed 8 students and 1 professor at Umpqua Community College in Oregon.

4chan being what it is, other anons are posting ironic “threats” aimed at, among other places, the moon, Pearl Harbor on December 7th, 1941, and Whoville — the latter a reference to a news reporter who mistook the board’s meme mascot, a frog called Pepe, for the Grinch.

In the wake of a mass shooting that left ten people dead, this is all a good deal less than hilarious. Yes, yes, 4chan apologists, I know that the anons writing the “real threats” are most likely shitposters, like the anons joking about shooting up the moon, in that they most likely have no intention of carrying out their threats.

But at the same time it’s clear they do intend to terrorize real people with their probably fake threats. As they know well, we have to take them seriously, given that a similar threat on the same message board only a few days ago was followed by an actual, real-world massacre.
4chan  terrorism  gunViolence  massacre  toxicMasculinity 
7 weeks ago by campylobacter
Terrorist announced UCC shooting on 4chan
Some of you guys are alright. Don't go to school tomorrow if you are in the northwest.

happening thread will be posted tomorrow morning

so long space robots
massacre  gunViolence  4chan  terrorism 
8 weeks ago by campylobacter
How the Tea Party Got Hijacked by Trump’s Troll Party
As the candidates gather at the Reagan Library for the second 2016 presidential debate, a longtime conservative consultant Rick Wilson says the Tea Party has morphed into the Troll Party—and it’s a fight for the soul of the GOP.

Let me explain what I mean. The Troll Party’s central characteristic is an ever tightening spiral of self-reinforcing and self-referential purity tests that makes communicating with anyone beyond the febrile and furious a nearly impossible task.

So who comprises the Troll Party? Some of them are a distaff faction of the Tea Party, angry that the leadership in Washington doesn’t pursue their agenda with the bloody-mindedness and tempo they demand. Many are angry that the GOP lost to Barack Obama twice and, in their minds, allowed through action or inaction a set of economic, social, and cultural changes that make them feel powerless. For them, supporting Trump feels like rebellion. They crave a sense of agency in the face of a political culture in D.C. that they believe loathes and disregards them.

Others are reality television viewers who don’t get the artifice and irony, even after almost two decades of the form. Some are walking, talking comments sections of the fever swamp sites. Some are your aunt or mom, sending the long, rambling chain emails about Obama’s birth certificate with multiple forwards, fonts, colors, and glittery eagle gifs. Some pose as strict Constitutionalists, loyal unto death to the founders, except when Trump is talking.

Some of the dregs of the creepier neighborhoods of Reddit, Voat, and 4chan have joined for the lulz. The Troll Party looks at the kooks, the overt white supremacists (oh, pardon me, “race realists”), neo-Nazis, flaming anti-Semites, birthers, truthers, Jade Helmers, chemtrailers, and assorted other conspiracy whackjobs in their midst and shrugs it off with a grin.

They’re tickled by his Kardashian self-absorption, his Miley Cyrus rudeness, his Paris Hilton super sweet 16 excess.
misogyny  GOP  politics  4chan  reddit  racism  sexism  lol 
8 weeks ago by campylobacter
Will 4Chan’s Shady New Owner Weaponize It?
Japanese police sources are worried that some of 2chan’s sordid history of death, destruction, and evading justice could come to its American counterpart.
4chan  crime 
8 weeks ago by campylobacter
Log In - The New York Times
RT : geht an 2chan - also an die Seite, die zu 4chan inspiriert hat c
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9 weeks ago by grem

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