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This might be my favorite thread on ever.
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3 days ago by bobpoekert
The Birth of the Internet Troll
while the term "troll" has become wildly muddied, it did have to come from somewhere. We decided to try and find out just where that dark, acerbic origin story began.
trolling  internet  internet-culture  4chan 
20 days ago by rachaelsullivan
Rise Of The Trollbot
Right now, if you want to have someone attacked by a horde of angry strangers, you need to be a celebrity. That's a real problem on Twitter and Facebook both, with a few users in particular becoming well-known for abusing their power to send their fans after people with whom they disagree. But remember, the Internet's about democratising power, and this is the latest frontier. With a trollbot and some planning, this power will soon be accessible to anyone.
Internet  troll  bots  chatbot  machine-learning  lols  4chan  celebrity  democracy 
5 weeks ago by zzkt
The Bibliotheca Anonoma
The Bibliotheca Anonoma is a research task force archiving, documenting, and safeguarding Internet Folklife.
4chan  library 
6 weeks ago by wk
The New Man of 4chan | Angela Nagle
RT @thebafflermag: Beta males fit squarely into the libertarian counter-culture popularized by hackers and the dotcom boom in the ’90s
6 weeks ago by garthk
Microsoft terminates its Tay AI chatbot after she turns into a Nazi
'if you tell her "repeat after me" she will parrot back whatever you say, allowing you to put words into her mouth.'

what. the. fuck. Microsoft.
omgwtfbbq  4chan  funny  microsoft  fail  tay 
9 weeks ago by jm

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