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The Truth About Anonymous’s Activism | The Nation
By fetishizing the “weapons of the geek,” Coleman belies her radically techno-utopian belief—which colors the entire book but is never stated outright—that geeks offer the way to a better world through technological mastery.
trolls  4chan  anon 
5 days ago by jomc
4chan's cryptocurrency
Ponzi scheme riddled with bugs, all the money stolen
4chan  ponzi  bitcoin  blockchain 
18 days ago by nelson
How $800k Evaporated from the PoWH Coin Ponzi Scheme Overnight
'In 282 lines of code, PoWH Coin managed to give away $800,000 in Etherium.'
etherium  blockchain  coding  powh  4chan  fail  fraud  cryptocurrency  javascript 
18 days ago by jm
A Final Word on #notyourshield – Ashley Lynch – Medium
#notyourshield was always intended to be a culture jamming campaign to disrupt and silence rather than an innocuous grass roots campaign to give voice to the voiceless
gamergate  4chan  feminism  harassment  hashtag 
6 weeks ago by rachaelsullivan

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