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4chan Set Up A Fake Feminist Event To Scam Women For Money
In an elaborate fraud attempt, 4chan users attempted to scam women out of money by setting up “FemCon”, a fake event for feminists.
lol  4chan  hoax  feminism  sexism 
4 days ago by campylobacter
4Channers Attempt to Scam Feminists With “FemCon2015,” Fail Miserably
After screenshots of 4chan’s /b/ message board and a related chat room began circulating, FemCon’s day-old Twitter account and Sellfy Crowdfunding page were quickly deleted, but not before the organizers’ ineptitude (and basic misunderstanding of feminism) was captured for posterity:
4chan  fraud  feminism 
4 days ago by campylobacter
That time the Internet sent a SWAT team to my mom's house - Boing Boing
The solution is for social media sites and the police to take threats or jokes about swatting, doxxing, and organized crime seriously. Tweeting about buying a gun and shooting up a school would be taken seriously, and so should the threat of raping, doxxing, swatting or killing someone. Privacy issues and online harassment are directly linked, and online harassment isn’t going anywhere. My fear is that, in reaction to online harassment, laws will be passed that will break down our civil freedoms and rights online, and that more surveillance will be sold to users under the guise of safety. More surveillance, however, would not have helped me or my mother. A platform that takes harassment and threats seriously instead of treating them like jokes would have.
twitter  gamergate  4chan  8chan  privacy  doxxing  swatting  harrassment  threats  social-media  facebook  law  feminism 
4 days ago by jm
Timeline of Gamergate
Gamergate is what happened when the reactionary rejects of 4chan teamed up to be the personal army of an abuser and attack women who make and write about video games with a molecule-thin veneer of being a consumer movement for "free speech" and "ethics in video game journalism". These are their stories.
gamergate  history  4chan  harassment  misogyny  sexism  abuse  doxxing 
4 days ago by campylobacter
Men who harass women online are quite literally losers, new study finds
(1) players are anonymous, and the possibility of “policing individual behavior is almost impossible”; (2) they only encounter each other a few times in passing — it’s very possible to hurl an expletive at another player, and never “see” him or her again; and (3) finally, and perhaps predictably, the sex-ratio of players is biased pretty heavily toward men. (A 2014 survey of gender ratios on Reddit found that r/halo was over 95 percent male.) [....]

In each of these environments, Kasumovic suggests, a recent influx of female participants has disrupted a pre-existing social hierarchy. That’s okay for the guys at the top — but for the guys at the bottom, who stand to lose more status, that’s very threatening. (It’s also in keeping with the evolutionary framework on anti-lady hostility, which suggests sexism is a kind of Neanderthal defense mechanism for low-status, non-dominant men trying to maintain a shaky grip on their particular cave’s supply of women.)

“As men often rely on aggression to maintain their dominant social status,” Kasumovic writes, “the increase in hostility towards a woman by lower-status males may be an attempt to disregard a female’s performance and suppress her disturbance on the hierarchy to retain their social rank.”
losers  sexism  mysogyny  women  halo  gaming  gamergate  4chan  abuse  harrassment  papers  bullying  social-status 
10 days ago by jm
The Coontown Breakdown: A Brief Analysis of the Habits of Coontown Users
This is a brief analysis of the subreddits that the most recent 225 posters of CoonTown frequent, sorted by total karma for each subreddit, for both comments and submissions, inspired by a cross-posted datavis post @ /r/blackfellas I saw a few days ago (cross-posted with dataisbeautiful). We omit /r/coontown.

[2 pie charts]

As you can see by the ranking of /r/highseddit and /r/teenagers in the Comment Breakdown, a large amount of these Coontown subscribers are teens, not even out of high school yet.

/r/blackpeopletwitter and /r/bigdickproblems also rank in the top 100 (I actually determined this by the raw file, downloadable below -- I am aware that the smaller karma totals are hard to see). A sizable amount of these people are people who enjoy black culture but hate black people.

With /r/whiterights , /r/european in the top 20 for the comment breakdown you can very quickly understand that these are politically conservative people who take pride in their whiteness.

It should be no surprise to any seasoned Internet-addict that /r/4chan is in the top 30. /r/theredpill also shows up in the top 30.

Locations, in the comment breakdown, show up in the following order: Ireland, Baltimore, New Jersey, Sweden, UK, Toronto, Seattle, Minnesota, Ferguson, Russia, Oregon, Poland, Turkey.

As you can imagine, the 225 users sampled post on more hate subreddits than just Coontown. In order from ranking, we have: /r/greatapes, /r/gasthekikes, /r/niggervideos, /r/fatlogic, /r/watchniggersdie.

/r/kotakuinaction,/r/minecraft,/r/gaming, all rank very high in the submission breakdown. These are gamers.

/r/protectandserve ranked in the top 100.
reddit  racism  PROGRAMMING  statistics  whiteprivilege  4chan 
15 days ago by campylobacter
Dylann Roof, 4chan, and the New Online Racism
4chan’s trolling culture didn’t just birth Guy Fawkes hacktivism—it also inspired the racist and neo-fascist sites where the Charleston terrorist lurked.
4chan  racism  DylannRoof  whiteprivilege 
4 weeks ago by campylobacter
Dylann Roof, 4chan, and the New Online Racism
It's worse than I realized. Glad my curiosity never led me into that cesspool.
nazis  reddit  racism  internetculture  4chan  trolling  via:mumbly_joe  dailybeast 
4 weeks ago by UltraNurd
Divide et Impera: Salem Bitch Hunt Edition! - Part2
"Target black women, ESPECIALLY LGBT BLACK WOMEN, because they are the most important members of the feminist movement. If we destroy black feminists, the white ones become irrelevant."
4chan  racism  misogyny  harassment  abuse  twitter 
8 weeks ago by campylobacter
#YourSlipIsShowing: Documenting a Hoax
This weekend's fake fake-ass fakey McFakerson trolling of feminists/Black feminists/an assorted mix of people with "EndFathersDay" hashtag and how it happened.
4chan  racism  twitter  hoax  troll  feminism 
8 weeks ago by campylobacter
Random Internet culture slang; I love the detailed etymology research that Know Your Meme does
meme  otaku  japanese  4chan  culture  slang 
9 weeks ago by nelson
4chan is a simple image-based bulletin board where anyone can post comments and share images anonymously.
4chan  board 
9 weeks ago by deadman36g

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