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NASA 3D Printing Resources
Nasa's resources of 3D printable models, textures, spacecraft, etc.
space  3Dprinting  NASA 
16 minutes ago by benwildeboer
3d-printing-design-rules-high-res.png (5032×3579)
Infographic on design principals for 3D printing projects
3dprinting  design  infographic 
yesterday by amann
Print Physical Buttons for Your Touch Screen | Hackaday
Modern handheld gaming hardware is great. Their primary method of interaction is the index finger or thumbs, not a D-pad and buttons. Shoulder triggers have only existed on a few phones. Bluetooth gaming pads are affordable but they are either bulky or you have to find another way to hold your phone. Detachable shoulder buttons are a perfect compromise since they can fit in a coin purse and they’re cheap because you can make your own.
hackaday  buttons  3dprinting  gaming  mobile  touch  accessibility 
2 days ago by cyberchucktx
Just Landed in my Truck and it is a Heavy Box !
Will have a reveal on S…
lovemysteryboxes  3Dprinting  from twitter_favs
3 days ago by briankb
Weekend Project: Cool Down With This 3D Printed Bladeless Desk Fan
3Dprinting  from twitter_favs
5 days ago by jerry7171
The First 3D-Printed Steel Bridge Looks Like It Broke Off an Alien Mothership
The plan to 3D-print a bridge in mid-air was always bonkers. How could a technology best known for creating flimsy prototypes and personalized action figures be used for permanent construction projects? Well, the team at MX3D in Amsterdam just answered all of the hard questions and revealed it: the world’s first 3D-printed bridge. It’s made of a completely new type of steel, spans 40 feet, and will be installed early next year in De Wallen, the largest and best-known red-light district in Amsterdam. It also looks utterly otherworldly.
radar  3DPrinting 
5 days ago by twleung

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