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How to Potty Train in 3 Days | Toilet Training
If you would like to know How to Potty Train in 3 Days then this video is for you. Many parents struggle for their kids and look for some Toilet Training for Boy and Girl. Many of them are not aware when to start potty training, Here we are going teach 3 day potty training tips for Bos and Girls. Parents look for Potty training videos but don't get an result so we have launched best potty training program.
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5 days ago by aniskhan
Rufus 中文绿色版 - 简单快速制作 USB 启动盘软件 (U盘安装 Windows / Linux 系统) | 异次元软件下载
继苹果 MacBook 移除光驱以来,越来越多厂商效仿,现在不仅笔记本,很多台式机电脑也不再配备光驱了。于是,大家在重装系统时都得面临「怎样简单快速地将U盘制作成 USB 启动盘/系统安装盘」的问题。 via Pocket
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17 days ago by xhc1412
Robert Wadlow, the world’s tallest ever human
When I was a kid, I devoured books like locusts ravage crops on the plains. My sister and I would go to the library, get 5 or 6 books each, and when I was done reading all of mine, I’d read hers — Little Women, Judy Blume, The Baby-Sitters Club…I was not picky. via Pocket
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21 days ago by sabelacal
Tags, Perspectives, and Automation - Inside OmniFocus
Like many people I have a lot going on in my life — I have a job, I’m a student, and I’m a geek who likes to nerd out on automation things! I’m on the go a lot — even at work, so my primary workspace is iOS, though I still love my Mac and OmniFocus there. via Pocket
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26 days ago by tentwelve
On Managing Life - Inside OmniFocus
I write about productivity. I am a musician as well as a husband to a wonderful wife who is a PhD student/full-time university staff member. I’m also a dad to three little dogs. Oh, and my day job is running a full-time home lending consultancy practice. Life gets a bit busy from time to time! via Pocket
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26 days ago by tentwelve
Productivity In Three Dimensions of OmniFocus - Inside OmniFocus
I’m a lucky guy. I have a wife of almost twelve years, three kids, a home, a car, and a job where I have the opportunity to serve client needs and support my team with strategic guidance and enablers. via Pocket
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26 days ago by tentwelve
2018-05-23 - OmniFocus Workflows: Rose Orchard - Learn OmniFocus
Rose Orchard takes us on a tour of her OmniFocus setup and shows us how she's tapping into the power of OmniFocus 3 for iOS to manage her multifaceted life. via Pocket
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26 days ago by tentwelve

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