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Why the Western philosophical canon is xenophobic and racist
"So the exclusion of non-European philosophy from the canon was a decision, not something that people have always believed, and it was a decision based not on a reasoned argument, but rather on polemical considerations involving the pro-Kantian faction in European philosophy, as well as views about race that are both scientifically unsound and morally heinous."
philosophy  2masto  race 
11 hours ago by mikelynch
The 1060-hour Large Magellanic Cloud
staggering image mosaic of the LMC, in filters which highlight the star-forming nebulae, by a group of French amateur astronomers
2masto  astronomy 
7 days ago by mikelynch
Deb Chachra's Metafoundry mailing list is back
good stuff about technology, systems, design and society
2masto  engineering  technology  systems 
7 days ago by mikelynch
The ZX-Calculus for Stabilizer Quantum Mechanics
In which rigorous graphical calculi and category theory are applied to quantum computing. Paraphrasing Sir Thomas Beecham, I do not understand this but I absolutely love the noise it makes.
2masto  computing  categorytheory  physics  quantum 
8 days ago by mikelynch
Prettiness in books
Caleb Crain breaks the rules of the #sevendaybookchallenge
illustration  books  2masto 
8 days ago by mikelynch

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