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Moon by Ryan Jones | iCloud
via @rjonesy: “Set this as your iPhone wallpaper and watch the moon glow when your screen wakes up. 😱”
(via: https://twitter.com/rjonesy/status/1098963887867736064)
ios  wallpaper  images  moon  rjonesy  2019 
1 hour ago by handcoding
In a party edging closer to the 1850s, Sajid Javid’s response to Shamima Begum makes perfect sense | Mark Steel
Why strip Begum of her citizenship when she’ll make a great post-Brexit trade ambassador to the caliphate in a few short weeks?
21st  february  2019  independent  mark  steel  politics 
2 hours ago by pnjman
Amazon Alexa and the Search for the One Perfect Answer | WIRED
The rest of us, meanwhile, may be losing the very skills that allow us to hold these gatekeepers to account. Once we become accustomed to placing our faith in the handy oracle on the kitchen counter, we may lose patience with the laborious—and curiosity-stoking, and thought-­provoking—hunt for facts, expecting them to come to us instead. Why pump water from a well if it pours effortlessly from your faucet?
virtualassistant  searchengine  evolution  oneshotanswer  innovation  informationliteracy  review  critique  forecast  Wired  2019 
7 hours ago by inspiral
Network Music Players | Accessories4less
This looks like a site where you can order refurbished audio gear and such?
audio  hometheater  refurbished  2019 
12 hours ago by handcoding

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