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Yellow vests movement - Wikipedia
Les manifs gilet jaunes: Good reference for #yellowvest protests in France: inequality, prices, economic reform brunt by poor, elite hijackkng of democracy: A shot heard around the world? #giletjaune
reference  protest  france  Q1  2019  q4  2018  government  fuel  oil  inequality  elite  giletjaune  yellowvest  police  demonstration  policy  school  student  global 
2 days ago by csrollyson
New Affordable Housing Project Breaks Ground in Rogers Park
Mentions 4 current affordable housing developments in Rogers Park, from Loyola perspective
affordable  housing  Rogerspark  19jam  apartment  example  realestate  development  Q4  2018  parking  resident 
2 days ago by csrollyson
Chicago's affordable housing ordinance is barely making a dent in shortage | Chicago Sun-Times
Chicago falls seriously short of its own affordable housing goals, the "Affordable Requirement Ordinance"
affordable  housing  chicago  government  goal  q4  2018  neighborhood  19jam 
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