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Robert Oster Signature Ink Fire and Ice: A Review — The Pen Addict
“I’ve reviewed several Robert Oster inks (Torquay, Tranquility, Astorquiza Rot, and Claret and Verde de Rio), but I’ve been looking forward to this review for a while. The first time I saw a swatch of Fire and Ice, I knew I must have it. Usually I order a sample first, but, nope. I ordered an entire bottle. This ink has two characteristics I love: it’s blue and it has amazing red sheen, thus the name ‘Fire and Ice.’”
ink  reviews  fireandice  2017  robertoster  sheening  turquoise 
7 hours ago by handcoding
Ruggeri imita al Pollo y estallan todos de risa, ni Vignolo puede parar.. - YouTube
El cabezón arrancó durísimo con el Pollo por un acontecimiento que acusaba en el vestuario, y entre broma y broma el chiste se calentó a niveles nuevos, el Pollo en joda o en serio, se ofende al ser ninguneada y desafía al ex jugador a conducir él el programa!!!
youtube  video  spanish  funny  tv  2017 
yesterday by ezequiel
What to know about building a XD75? : MechanicalKeyboards
(On building an XD75 keyboard:)
“There was a build log posted here.

“I posted some pretty pictures of mine here. If you check the comments there’s a lot of extra information written as well. There’s also a link to the QMK port there.

“There’s not really much effort needed to build it. The PCB has hotswappable switch sockets preinstalled, so basically all you have to do is assemble the case (~8 screws?) and put switches on it. As far as changing the layout: you can either do it via QMK, or there’s a guide on another method listed on the seller’s PCB page.

“For keycaps: If you’re on a budget you’ll have to stay on blanks. Otherwise semi-blank would be next cheapest; get a cheap Taihao set or something + some OEM blanks, that’ll get you most keys with legends on them. The full legend route is expensive, cheapest way to do it would probably be through a DSA Sublimated set or SA Ice Cap (both from PMK)”
keyboards  preonic  xd75  2017  reddit 
yesterday by handcoding
Macbook slow after upgrading to macOS Sierra - Nick Ang
“Internet Accounts is the central place to link up Gmail and other sorts of services to your Macbook – something useful but non-essential. To prevent the soagent and callservicesd from continuing to hog your RAM:

“1. Open System Preferences
“2. Go to Internet Accounts -> remove all Google-related email accounts
“3. Restart your laptop
“4. Verify that your laptop is running at normal speed again (no longer slow)
“5. Re-add your Google email account (I re-added and the problem didn’t reappear)
“6. It may be a bug in the new macOS, I’m not sure. But I’m glad it solved the problem. Hope it does the same for you if you’re in a similar situation!”
mac  osx  macos  2017  soagent  cpu 
3 days ago by handcoding

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