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JAWS 18.0.2945 Latest Update Plus What's New
(On JAWS’s new focus-hightlight jobbie:)
“The following is a list of improvements made between the JAWS 18 April 2017 release and the May 2017 update.

“Beginning with this update, JAWS now visually highlights text in Windows 10 and Windows 8.1 as you navigate using the Virtual Cursor. As JAWS reads, the current text being read is highlighted so a sighted user such as a parent, teacher, developer, or tester can easily follow the text visually. JAWS visual tracking is available in Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, PDF documents opened in Adobe Reader, and Microsoft Mail. It is enabled by default in these specific applications.

“Note that when navigating by line on pages in the web browser, JAWS highlights the virtual line and not the actual line as it appears on the web page.

“While the default settings for the highlight should work well for many users, you can also customize the appearance of the visual highlight including the color, style, transparency, thickness, and spacing. For example, the default color is Lime Green while the default style is Block, which places a solid rectangle around the highlighted text.

“However, you may prefer a different color, style, and more transparency for the highlight. To change these Settings, open Settings Center while focused in one of the supported applications, expand the new Visual Settings group, select Highlight Virtual PC Cursor, and then press F6 to move to the pane where you can configure visual tracking settings.”
jaws  jaws18  2017  accessibility  focus  a11y 
3 days ago by handcoding
3 Ways to Add Classic Menus and Buttons to Microsoft Office • Raymond.CC
“Sadly Microsoft completely removed any option of having the old menus and buttons interface available in its Office products, from their point of view it’s Ribbon or nothing.

“It’s now down to third parties to help revive this functionality and thankfully a few of them have released products that help you do it.”
2017  office  software  windows  ribbon 
3 days ago by handcoding
When to Use Commas Before Quotations
“In fact, there are four, count ‘em, four different ways you can introduce a quotation. Each has its own punctuation rule.”


“Finally, you can use a period to introduce a quotation. You do this when introducing a block quotation—that is, a long quotation that’s indented from the rest of the text.”
punctuation  quotations  quickanddirtytips  grammargirl  2017  canonical 
3 days ago by handcoding
New solar investment metric: Return On Visibility — Solar Trees | Spotlight Solar
Making solar visible brings new value to the return on solar investments.
We call this Return On Visibility. In this post, we explore how ROV works
and quantify the impact with two scenarios. For the right properties --
like the mixed use development shown above -- visible solar can provide an
amazing yield.
solar  return  on  visibility  sunflower  2017  spotlight 
3 days ago by wmaceyka
EWG Tap Water Database | New York City System
Chromium (hexavalent)
Dichloroacetic acid
Total trihalomethanes (TTHMs)
Trichloroacetic acid

eeeverythiiiiiiing gives you cancer
nyc  ewg.org  water  health  safety  chemical  2017  2010s  epa  cancer  contamination  environment  reference 
7 days ago by cluebucket
Yorman (cixtor), Blog, Text Editor Latency
This page shares the results of latency testing for various macOS text editors, including TextEdit, CotEditor, and Sublime Text.
coteditor  mac  macos  osx  latency  2017 
7 days ago by handcoding
AAPL executive pay, cost of flying private, more AAPL tidbits - 9to5Mac
Apple touts that net sales in its fiscal 2018 year were up 16 percent compared to 2017, from $229.2 billion to $265.6 billion. Operating income was up 16 percent as well, from $61.3 billion to $70.9 billion.

Other “achievements and milestones” mentioned by Apple include the shipment of the 2 billionth iOS device, weekly Today at Apple sessions crossing 18,000, $37 billion in Services net sales, and more:

Achieved new net sales and earnings records in every single quarter
Drove double-digit net sales growth in each of our geographic segments
Returned almost $90 billion to our investors in dividends and share repurchases
Grew the number of paid subscriptions more than 50% to over 330 million
Celebrated the 10th anniversary of the App Store
Topped $100 billion in cumulative amounts paid to App Store developers
Achieved 100% renewable energy in our global facilities and launched a fund to invest in clean energy solutions with our suppliers
Signed on as Malala Fund’s first laureate partner to support girls’ education
The filing also mentions that Apple spent $310,981 on personal security for Tim Cook. Further, $294,082 was spent on private aircraft flights for Cook. As we reported at the time, Apple started requiring Cook to fly private for security reasons in 2017.
stats  apple  2018  timcook  ios  iphone  ecologia  2017 
8 days ago by nicoladagostino

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