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The Best We Can Hope For - yodasyoyo - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Written for the prompt: Double date at movies with jealous Derek

"She works at Target for fuck’s sake. Target doesn't employ evil supernatural beings. Everyone knows they work at Walmart.”


Derek goes on a double date with Stiles. It goes about as well as can be expected.
2017  wc:under5k  oneshot  r:teen  d:jealous!derek  d:oblivious!derek  rs:doubledates  d:alpha!derek  op:aliveericaboyd  tone:humor  w:canon  rs:firstkiss  pov:derek  4*  misc:interventions  rs:matchmaking 
yesterday by faeriecourt
The Simple Truth Behind Reading 200 Books a Year – Member Feature Stories – Medium
Somebody once asked Warren Buffett about his secret to success. Buffett pointed to a stack of books and said, “Read 500 pages like this every day. That’s how knowledge works. It builds up, like compound interest. All of you can do it, but I guarantee not many of you will...”
reading  career  advice  personal  medium  blog  article  january  2017 
yesterday by rbf
wild peaches - notbecauseofvictories
if you want to know what most labyrinth fic is like, this is a good starting place. v earnest, a little pretentious, extremely flowery and very satisfying to my inner 14-year-old.

author desc:
The morning after Sarah Williams defeats the Goblin King, she gets up and makes toast.
fandom:labyrinth  pairing:jareth/sarah  category:m/f  length:<5k  2017 
2 days ago by magalisays
Sniper Who Fired On Oakland Officers Dies In Hospital « CBS San Francisco
OAKLAND (CBS SF) — Police have identified the man who triggered a tense standoff with police after firing a high-powered rifle at officers and residents near Bishop O’Dowd High School Friday morning as Oakland resident Jesse Enjaian.

An Oakland police officer shot Enjaian, who had been firing on residents as well as officers responding to the incident.

He was transported to a hospital and listed in serious condition, but police issued a statement at 8:14 p.m. confirming that the shooter had succumbed to his injuries

Police said that Enjaian lived at 9512 Las Vegas Ave in Oakland, the location where the standoff took place. He was a 2008 alum of UCLA and a 2013 alum of University of Michigan Law School.

Enjaian was the co-founder and computer engineer at the computer company Oakland Microsystems.

Police sources confirmed to KPIX 5 that officers had responded to Enjaian’s house earlier this week regarding either threats or a report of a gun.

The tense situation came to an end shortly before 10 a.m. when the suspect was arrested and hospitalized after being shot, police said.

The California Highway Patrol said the gunman had been “disarmed and detained” and helicopter video showed him being loaded into an ambulance.

Oakland police said later that Enjaian was in serious condition.
Oakland  shooting  White  2017 
2 days ago by Quercki
Half a Chance - ratherunnecessary
the one where yuri thinks he has a thing for yuuri, gets over it, and does a lot of growing up. there's a LOT of a+++ emoji use.

author desc:
Yuri has never cared about anything as much as he cares about skating. Until, one day, that changes.

Or, Viktor falls in love with Yuuri, Yuuri falls in love with Viktor, Yuri falls in love Yuuri, Otabek falls in love with Yuri, and somehow everything turns out okay.
fandom:yuri-on-ice  pairing:otabek/yuri  pairing:victor/yuuri  category:m/m  length:50-100k  2017 
3 days ago by magalisays
Derek from the Club - rhysiana - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Kendra was feeling pretty good about life, because she had done the impossible: She'd actually gotten Stiles Stilinski to come out tonight with their project group. No one ever got him to socialize! Which really explained her shock when she turned away from the bar to find him standing in the middle of the dance floor making out with some guy in tight jeans and too much stubble.

A story in which some incorrect assumptions are made and Stiles may or may not encourage them.
2017  wc:under5k  oneshot  r:teen  pov:outsider  s:student!stiles  tone:fluff  rumors  p:clubs  p:college  rs:established  rs:marriage  3.5* 
3 days ago by faeriecourt
Pavlovian Coffee - rhysiana - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
All Stiles wants is to see Derek Hale smile. Just once. And he has a fool-proof plan: He's going to train to Derek to associate him with delicious caffeine.
2017  wc:under5k  oneshot  r:general  tone:fluff  w:au  p:officework  au:human  tone:humor  rs:askingout  pov:stiles  rs:flirting  rs:wooing  4.5*  t:autumn 
3 days ago by faeriecourt
Behind the Lens - rhysiana - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Derek is a reclusive landscape photographer. Stiles helps hang his new show at Lydia's gallery and finds himself really hoping he'll get to meet the artist.
2017  wc:under5k  oneshot  r:general  c:photographer!derek  rs:meetcute  w:au  series  op:alivelaura  f:stydia  c:artist!derek  tone:fluff  rs:askingout  rs:preslash  pov:stiles  d:awkward!derek  3.4* 
3 days ago by faeriecourt
What We Pretend We Can't See - gyzym
the best "wizard house magic nonsense" fic you will ever read. or at least, to me. the timing helped; early 2017 was hell and gyzym threw us all a lifeline out of NOWHERE.

author desc:
Seven years out from the war, Harry learns the hard truth of old history: it’s never quite as far behind you as you thought.
fandom:harry-potter  pairing:drarry  category:m/m  length:100-250k  2017 
3 days ago by magalisays
Captive Prince tumblr ficlets - Fahye
fahye's cp ficlets. some in-universe, some au, some will fuck you up way more than others.

author desc:
A collection of short ficlets posted on tumblr in response to prompts. Mostly Damen/Laurent, but highly varied in content!
author:fahye  fandom:captive-prince  pairing:damen/laurent  category:m/m  length:15-50k  2016  2017  au 
3 days ago by magalisays
wings in the afternoon, evening, and other various times of day which are convenient for elliot - platonic_boner
silly, borderline crackfic. this one always makes me smile.

author desc:
Luke’s wings are useful for all kinds of things. They’re like a multitool. It’s a pity Elliot isn’t in control of them, because Elliot is full of ideas for how to use them.

Elliot sets out to learn how to control them.
fandom:in-other-lands  pairing:luke/elliot  category:m/m  length:<5k  2017  crackfic 
3 days ago by magalisays
boy with a scar - dirgewithoutmusic
the harry potter au series we all deserve. honestly, every single one of these is a fucking goldmine.

author desc:
What if Neville was the Chosen One, and James and Lily survived?
What if Neville was the Chosen One, and James and Lily were tortured by the Lestranges?

the kids who chose themselves:
What if Neville and Harry were both killed as infants, and there was no Chosen One?

no place like home:
What if Petunia refused to take him in, and so Harry was raised in Hogwarts?

the family evans:
What if Petunia had raised Harry like a son?

the heir of something or other:
What if Harry was Sorted Slytherin?

he will have power the dark lord knows not:
What if Harry was a squib?

the girl who lived
What if Harry was a girl? (cis)

the girl who lived (again)
What if Harry was a girl? (trans)

the last son
What if Ron was the Chosen One?

the brightest witch of her age
What if Hermione was the Chosen One?

baby birds and other adventures
What if Harry and Hermione met before Hogwarts?

the family potter
What if the Dursleys died, and Dudley was left on Lily and James's doorstep?

perfectly normal, thank you very much
What if Petunia was the witch and Lily the Muggle?

a life of smoke and silvered glass
What if Severus Snape stayed friends with Lily?
author:dirgewithoutmusic  fandom:harry-potter  category:gen  length:100-250k  2015  2016  2017 
4 days ago by magalisays
Luke Sunborn Has A Very Bad Time At A Fancy Elf Party - emilyenrose
just what it says on the tin, really. unfinished, tumblr-only... but the bits that exist are fucking hilarious.
author:emilyenrose  fandom:in-other-lands  pairing:luke/elliot  category:gen  2017  length:<5k 
4 days ago by magalisays
In Other Hands - Linsky
the one where every sunborn is painfully in character and also i love these boys

author desc:
“Missing your boy, Little Red?” Rachel Sunborn asked.

“No,” Elliot said. He was not. He was independent and self-assured and didn’t care if all his friends were off at a tournament without him, throwing things at people for a week for absolutely no good reason and probably getting themselves killed.
fandom:in-other-lands  pairing:luke/elliot  category:m/m  length:<5k  2017  yuletide 
4 days ago by magalisays
Harpy Cancer - oxymora (oxymoron)
the one where elliot is trying to respect luke's boundaries and luke is kind of tired of it

author desc:
There was no chance in hell that they would reach the merpeople today in this weather.
fandom:in-other-lands  pairing:luke/elliot  category:m/m  length:<5k  2017  yuletide 
4 days ago by magalisays

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