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Favorite game designs from 2017 – Raph's Website
A good list of design notes from Raph and a few things to get around to playing.
games  design  raphkoster  writing  list  2017 
7 hours ago by infovore
The aftermath of the Weinstein scandal
IN 2009 Nina Jacobson—formerly president of a Walt Disney studio, by then an independent film producer—was pitching a new franchise to Hollywood bigwigs. “The Hunger Games”, based on a bestselling novel, was the sort of dystopian sci-fi epic that might seem an easy sell.
hollywood  female  movement  2017 
yesterday by aries1988
The President of Nowhere, USA - POLITICO Magazine
Through it all, Buttigieg established himself as a Democrat worth tracking, at a time when the party was desperate for fresh faces, particularly between the coasts. Howard Dean has called him “the face of the first global generation.” Frank Bruni, the New York Times columnist, wondered after a 2016 South Bend visit whether he had just met the country’s first gay president. And speaking to the New Yorker three weeks after Donald Trump was elected president, Barack Obama name-checked four gifted pols he trusted to lead Democrats into the suddenly terrifying future. Three were U.S. senators, all in their 50s. Then there was Buttigieg, a boyish municipal servant with a Maltese last name nobody can quite pronounce. (It’s Boot-edge-edge, though South Bend residents just call him Mayor Pete.)
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2 days ago by gpe
torch this place we know
Sportsnet @sportsnet
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2 days ago by wolfgrin
as long as it's about me
It takes about the length of their first practice for Toronto media to decide that him and Mitch are best friends. And, like, Auston’s been warned about the press in the city a million times, so he gets it. They want a story. He’d be fine with it, honestly, except for the small issue that Mitch Marner is the most annoying person on the entire planet.
fic  rpf  hockey  torontomapleleafs  marner/matthews  slash  anonymous  firsttime  mitchmarner  austonmatthews  friendswithbenefits  2017  <030k 
2 days ago by wolfgrin
Voucher - Ultime notizie su Voucher - Argomenti del Sole 24 Ore
I buoni per il lavoro accessorio sono stati introdotti dalla legge Biagi nel 2003 per far emergere il lavoro sommerso. Destinati ad una platea limitata di “svantaggiati” (disoccupati di lunga durata studenti, pensionati, casalinghe) e di comparti (piccoli lavori domestici, lezioni private, pulizia di edifici). La legge Fornero nel 2012 ha escluso qualsiasi vincolo nell’impiego del voucher. Il Jobs act ha alzato da 5mila a 7mila euro il limite annuo dei compensi (2mila euro per committente), con il divieto dei voucher nell’esecuzione di appalti e (dall’inizio di ottobre) la tracciabilità. Su 10 € al lavoratore vanno 7,5€ (il resto sono contributi). Da venerdì 17 marzo è vietato l'acquisito dei voucher; sono ancora utilizzabili, entro il prossimo 31 dicembre, solo i buoni richiesti entro venerdì 17 marzo 2017. Questa la regola transitoria contenuta nel decreto legge 25/2017, pubblicato a tempo di record in Gazzetta Ufficiale il 17 marzo 2016 ed entrato in vigore lo stesso giorno.
acta  freelance  2017  jobsact  voucher 
3 days ago by nicoladagostino
EID - Legco Issues 2017
EIDPMO's list of LegCo issues from 2017, organised by topic, and their status throughout the year
brunei  government  2017  legco 
3 days ago by hazm8
Unrolled thread from @IAmSciArt #sciart #scicomm #publicspeaking
Thread about science illustrators. Hashtags: #sciart #scicomm
twitter  threads  2017  art  science 
3 days ago by hazm8
Pablo sent you an invitation on LinkedIn
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