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Assign start number for caption - Microsoft Community
On changing the “start at” number for a set of figures:

// in short:
1. Place the cursor inside one of the figures that you want to renumber
2. Press Option+F9 to toggle the show-fields view
3. You will see something like
Figure { SEQ Figure \* ARABIC }

If you want the numbering to start at 100, modify the first such field as this:
Figure { SEQ Figure \r 100 \* ARABIC }

4. Press Option+F9 to toggle the show-fields view
5. You may need to select all and choose “Update Fields” for the renumbering to take effect.
word  figures  2015  numbering  software 
yesterday by handcoding
python - Boto3/S3: Renaming an object using copy_object - Stack Overflow
Q: I'm trying to rename a file in my s3 bucket using python boto3, I couldn't clearly understand the arguments. can someone help me here?

What I'm planing is to copy object to a new object, and then delete the actual object.

I found similar questions here, but I need a solution using boto3. [...]
2015  forumthread  stackexchange  amazon.boto  amazon.s3  tips  example  python 
8 days ago by ezequiel
python - How to move files between two Amazon S3 Buckets using boto? - Stack Overflow
Q: I have to move files between one bucket to another with Python Boto API. (I need it to "Cut" the file from the first Bucket and "Paste" it in the second one). What is the best way to do that?
** Note: Is that matter if I have two different ACCESS KEYS and SECRET KEYS?
forumthread  2015  stackexchange  amazon.boto  amazon.s3  tips  example  python  howto  links 
8 days ago by ezequiel
Salted Caramel Chocolate Pecan Brown Butter Blondies - Baker by Nature
“Thick and Chewy Brown Butter Blondie Bars are loaded with chocolate chips, gooey salted caramel, and crunchy pecans! These are easy to make and taste incredible.”

These actually look like they could be a pretty promising blondie. Among some differences from Handle the Heat’s recipe (https://www.handletheheat.com/gooey-chocolate-chunk-blondies/), once you account for size differences:
* This doesn’t use molasses
* This doesn’t seem to use vanilla?
* This includes baking powder
* (same amount of butter)
* (same amount of brown sugar)
* (same amount of flour)
* (same amount of salt)
brownies  recipes  2015  caramel 
10 days ago by handcoding
/usr/libexec/lsd using 100% of CPU - Apple Community
(About “lsd” trying to verify a code signing object for a random file)

“It seems I have found the solution to this problem.

“It was an Oculus Rift DK2 test app called CyberSpace.app that resided in my Downloads folder. Using ‘lsof’ and the stacktrace I was able to find that the /usr/libexec/lsd process most likely was trying to generate a code signing object using https://developer.apple.com/library/mac/documentation/Security/Reference/CodeSig ningRef/#//apple_ref/c/func/SecStaticCod…

“After removing the application from Downloads and killing the lsd process it eventually stopped using CPU resources and resumed operations normally.

“If you ever encounter this problem I would recommend running lsof looking for the lsd process started by the currently logged in user.

pgrep -u id -u lsd | xargs lsof -p

“If you see it having opened a .app file indefinitely, remove said .app file.

“That said, to me it looks like a bug in lsd to try and generate code signing objects for certain programs”
lsd  cpu  macos  osx  2015  mac 
11 days ago by handcoding
linux - No USB devices available in VirtualBox - Super User
Q: Oracle VirtualBox is unable to list/filter the USB devices attached to my system. As a result, the guest OS is not able to see any USB device either.

This is my configuration:

* Host: VirtualBox 5.0.0 r101573 on Ubuntu 14.04, with Oracle VM VirtualBox Extension Pack installed
* Guest: Windows 7, with VirtualBox Guest Additions installed
linux  ubuntu  debian  virtualbox  configuration  howto  tips  usb  issue  workaround  example  forumthread  stackexchange  2015  ubuntu.xenial  ubuntu.trusty  mint 
11 days ago by ezequiel
Zen and the Art of Hotel Living by Glenn O’Brien
  Hotels clear your head. A long-term stay in a hotel is a vacation from your stuff, all that detritus of your personality that reinforces who you are. Staying in a place that reflects your taste only in the abstract, that you have no responsibility for, is a real palate cleanser, a psychic relief from responsibility. You wake up and have breakfast delivered. You take a shower and throw your towels on the floor. You get dressed, have your laundry picked up, go out, and voila: you return and your pajamas are no longer on the floor, the empty wine bottle is gone, and the bed is made. Think of all that time and energy you can use for thinking instead. You’re like a yogi in a mountaintop cave, but with much better food.
hotels  accommodation  advocacy  StandardHotels  2015 
18 days ago by inspiral
CyberPower CP1500AVRLCD Intelligent LCD UPS Review | Linuxlookup
(About the front display for CyberPower’s UPSes—)
“A front-facing LCD panel offers detailed status information on the UPS battery and power conditions, allowing for at-a-glance view of the current load capacity, fault alarms, battery charge percentage and estimated runtime. Screen illumination is bright and can be toggled on or off, along with several other user preferred settings, including audible alarms.”
cyberpower  ups  reviews  2015 
20 days ago by handcoding
How to delete a table in Lua? - Stack Overflow
Q: [...] I found that this method doesn't work. The table a still exists. Why? I know the a = nil can reclaim the memory which table a holds. How to directly get the memory holds by the table a and free the memory just like delete in C++?
lua  memory  workaround  forumthread  stackexchange  2015 
21 days ago by ezequiel

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