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How to get a reference to current module's attributes in Python - Stack Overflow
Q: [...] How can I get a reference to all the names defined in mymodule from within mymodule itself? [...]
python  howto  tips  example  2009  stackexchange  forumthread 
7 hours ago by ezequiel
Brian Howard Obituary - San Jose, CA | Mercury News
Brian Douglas Howard Computer designer and musician, died of cancer on February 1st at his home in Portola Valley, CA; he was 65 years old. Born on March 23, 1944, in Cambridge, MA, he grew up in Norman, OK. His father was a physics professor at the University of Oklahoma, and his mother was a classical pianist. He attended Stanford University on a National Merit scholarship, graduating in 1967 with a B.S. degree in electrical engineering. In 1978, he became the 32nd employee of Apple Computers. As editor of the famous computer manuals, he combined meticulous language skills with exhaustive computer knowledge to create user-friendly instruction books that helped to popularize the nascent company's products. One of the original four members of the Macintosh Project team, Brian Howard helped to revolutionize the personal computer; his signature was molded into the case of the original Macs. He eventually moved from computer documentation to architectural hardware design, which was more commensurate with his engineering background. At Apple, where he was the longest continuous employee, he was promoted to the level of DEST (Distinguished Engineer, Scientist or Technologist), in recognition of his exemplary work. He was celebrated among his colleagues for his fertile imagination and communication skills.
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yesterday by nicoladagostino
Independent Film Investing - Beware!
Published in 2009, so outdated in terms of distribution, but replete with great detail on risks of #indie #film #investing
howto  film  indie  investor  debunk  producer  accounting  finance  control  risk  2009  19eyz  reference  Business 
4 weeks ago by csrollyson
We must rewrite everything
A few days ago, Simon Willison has written a very good post about node.js . Simon is very good at writing intro-technology posts that convey the essence of things very clearly. Once upon a time he encouraged me to study Django . The post about node.js also makes it clear why this is cool and what place it occupies in the modern web ecosystem. Who has not heard about node.js - start reading from this post.
russian  blogpost  2009  programming  multitasking  softwareengineering  design  example  tips  links  node.js 
5 weeks ago by ezequiel
Programming sometimes does not sleep well.

Any idea will come to mind, you will look at it - it seems simple and beautiful. Then you start to figure out the details, and everything seems to be going well too. And then you sit down to write code ... And then it turns out that in reality there are also other details that the brain, when speculative looking at, is conveniently omitted. The compiler, which does not have such moral flexibility, stubbornly insists that it does not, it does not work that way. And so does not work. And so, too. [...]
russian  blogpost  2009  programming  multitasking  softwareengineering  design  example  tips  links  python 
5 weeks ago by ezequiel
IndieVest Attracts Indie-Film Investors With Reduced-Risk Model
Independent #indie #film production company follows a different #investor model to mitigate risk #indievest
indie  film  finance  investment  company  firm  model  subscription  production  19eyz  2009  distribution  Business 
5 weeks ago by csrollyson
The Age of Stupid - Wikipedia
Intensely cause-focused #documentary #case #study reveals innovation in #investment and #distribution #climate #change #crowdfunding
Indie  film  example  casestudy  climate  change  uk  distribution  investor  investment  model  crowdfunding  story  2009  awareness  strategy  innovation  global  release  19eyz  bullsi  director  producer  Business 
6 weeks ago by csrollyson
How to create a GUID/UUID in Python - Stack Overflow
Q: How do I create a GUID in Python that is platform independent? I hear there is a method using ActivePython on Windows but it's Windows only because it uses COM. Is there a method using plain Python?
2009  python  links  forumthread  stackexchange  tips  cli  unix  linux  windows  macosx  example 
8 weeks ago by ezequiel

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