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Driver Art Pollard 1968 USAC Champ Car Series Results - Racing-Reference.info
Race Site Cars St Fin # Sponsor / Owner Chassis / Engine Laps Money Status Led
21 DuQuoin 18 14 14 31 McClure Plastics (Dick Simon) Vollstedt / Offy 70/100 456 crash 0
22 Indianapolis 18 17 10 31 McClure Plastics (Dick Simon) Vollstedt / Offy 99/100 1,405 running 0
24 Sacramento 18 13 10 31 McClure Plastics (Dick Simon) Vollstedt / Offy 97/100 608 running 0
art_pollard  1968  del_mcclure  mcclure_plastics 
5 weeks ago by oog
Gesellschaftsgeschichtliche Perspektiven auf das westdeutsche "Achtundsechzig" | APuZ
U m die Geschichte von "Achtundsechzig" jenseits der heroischen Generationserzählung zu schreiben, gilt es daher, dem Deutungsmuster der "politischen Generationen" zu entsagen. (gut)
1968  frisch18 
april 2019 by MicrowebOrg
While My Guitar Gently Weeps — George Harrison’s song began life as a folksy ballad
April 21 2019 | FT.com | by Dan Einav.

The track became one of The Beatles’ finest moments — thanks to Eric Clapton’s uncredited guitar playing..........For most, the song is unmistakably Harrison’s personal triumph; “Only a guitar player could write that,” Mick Jagger noted. Luckily, Harrison remembered that was what he was when he wrote the song: “While My Sitar Gently Weeps” probably wouldn’t have been quite such a hit.
1968  beatles  guitarists  music  philosophy  songs  songwriters 
april 2019 by jerryking
RT : to old Baker Center in (now Schoonover Center). View original in yearbook:…
1968  FlashbackFriday  from twitter_favs
march 2019 by jcarletonoh

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