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Sweet Like Silicon by GinForInk [Archive of Our Own]
Namjoon writes songs for an indie garage band of other music majors and falls a little in love with the lead singer who always has a lollipop in his mouth.
Namjoon/Jungkook  a.GinForInk  bts  au  15k-20k  *  1805 
may 2018 by pastself
Wait Time: 70 Minutes by GinForInk [Archive of Our Own]
There's a really cute guy fifteen feet behind Namjoon in the line for Expedition Everest.
Namjoon/Jimin  a.GinForInk  4k+  bts  au  1805 
may 2018 by pastself
when you and i are alone (i've never felt so at home) by namgi [Archive of Our Own]
Yoongi just wants to go shopping but Namjoon seems to have other plans. (Predictably, Yoongi doesn't mind one bit.)
a.namgi  Suga/Namjoon  bts  non-au  2k+  1805 
may 2018 by pastself
Unconventional (but baby it works) by PhantomFlutist [Archive of Our Own]
Yoongi and Seokjin had a weird dynamic, but it worked for them. Until Yoongi met Namjoon, which threw a wrench in things in a really big way.
Suga/Namjoon/Jin  a.PhantomFlutist  9k+  au  1805  soulmates  bts 
may 2018 by pastself
이사 (Move) by TheHalesNyx [Archive of Our Own]
tumblr prompt from anon: "Sugamon fake dating AU it could be like the end of the agreement where they realize that you know they love each other with a little background to the situation. Smut plzzz"
10k-15k  a.TheHalesNyx  Suga/Namjoon  bts  *  1805 
may 2018 by pastself
Every Time You Do That Thing You Do by Polkari Seuta (VeritasEtVita) [Archive of Our Own]
The five times Jungkook is obvious about his feelings for Jimin, and the one time Jimin actually gets it.
3k+  jungkook/jimin  a.veritasevita  non-au  bts  1805 
may 2018 by pastself
Oceans Between Us by novilunar [Archive of Our Own]
After two years, Seokjin suddenly reappears in Namjoon’s life
Namjoon/Jin  au  15k-20k  bts  a.novilunar  1805 
may 2018 by pastself
the future is ours by namakemono [Archive of Our Own]
If there was ever a time when Jungkook wasn’t in love with Jimin, he can’t remember it now.
15k-20k  a.namakemono  bts  non-au  jungkook/jimin  *  1805 
may 2018 by pastself

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