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Don’t worry about the protests, Trump, we don’t abandon friends – even those who put kids in cages | Mark Steel
When we disagree with a world leader, we get them to change their ways by inviting them to meet the Queen. It works every time.
politics  mark  steel  independent  12th  july  2018  donald  trump 
july 2018 by pnjman
The Burrata Brothers | Matt Goulding
Vito, Paolo, and Angelo Dicecca have traveled to more than 60 different countries in total—in an unwitting effort to show the world that good mozzarella is more about craft than country.
12th  june  2018  roads&kingdoms  matt  goulding  food  italy  cheese 
june 2018 by pnjman
The last bat: the mystery of Britain’s most solitary animal | Patrick Barkham
In a dank Sussex tunnel, a solitary greater mouse-eared bat roosts each winter. Is he the only one left in Britain?
12th  june  2018  guardian  patrick  barkham  bats 
june 2018 by pnjman
Decent members of society don't burgle houses – they rip up floral tributes while shouting 'Scum!' instead | Mark Steel
Even if a flower grows naturally on the spot where a burglar dies, it should be sprayed with napalm: that will teach it to insult old-aged pensioners, the liberal botanically correct floral scum.
12th  april  2018  independent  mark  steel 
april 2018 by pnjman
People should run through fields of stinging nettles naked for their benefits | Mark Steel
If your electricity has been cut off, you have to screw your application form into a ball and dribble it through a line of cones before kicking it into a bucket. That way you can soon come off benefits and earn £5m a year as a winger for Manchester City.
12th  october  2017  independent  mark  steel  politics 
october 2017 by pnjman
First lesson from world championships: there is no next Usain Bolt | Matthew Engel
Attempts to anoint Wayde van Niekerk were doomed to fail. As for exotic gastric viruses, there is no link to the London Stadium’s wretched food.
matthew  engel  guardian  12th  august  2017  athletics  world  championships  london 
august 2017 by pnjman
I’m glad well known fact-checker Trump has come out against fake news | Mark Steel
Asked who he thought was responsible for hacking into secret American emails, he answered, 'Russia and China and everybody'. That shows whatever else you can complain about, you can’t fault his grasp of detail.
12th  january  2017  independent  mark  steel  politics  donald  trump  usa 
january 2017 by pnjman
The Mystery of Old Chimneys | Jessica Boak
How did this British beer rise from obscurity to Internet stardom?
2016  all  about  beer  12th  october  jessica  boak  ray  bailey 
october 2016 by pnjman
What Did Happen To Saddam’s WMD? | Richard Sanders
Saddam Hussein certainly had chemical weapons during the Iran-Iraq War of 1980-88, yet by the time American and British troops entered the country in 2003 they were gone. Where?
12th  july  2016  history  today  iraq  saddam  hussein  politics 
july 2016 by pnjman

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