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The Woodlice Corner - ERNest
Shortly after leaving the Convent of Petit-Picpus, Cosette encounters a group of children.
'fanfic  -lesmiserables  *cosette  *valjean  $gen  :<500  @ernest 
7 weeks ago by sophia_sol
Such a Loftier Song - Cinaed
Three girls that Cosette Fauchelevent never fell in love with, in the convent, in another universe, and in a carriage.
'fanfic  -lesmiserables  +cosette/oc  +cosette/eponine  +cosette/anne  "crossover  -anneofgreengables  $femslash  :500-2k  @cinaed 
january 2019 by sophia_sol
A state of sublimity - Apathy
Five times Marius Pontmercy failed to seize the opportunity, and one time opportunity seized him.

Amazing, A+ Pontmercying
^yep  'fanfic  -lesmiserables  +courfeyrac/marius  $dudeslash  :2k-10k  @apathy 
january 2019 by sophia_sol
Raised - PilferingApples
In a timeline where things go a little differently, Fantine, Javert and Valjean team up to recover Cosette from the Thenardiers, in an eyebrow-raising adventure that will help them all learn a little something about redemption, compassion, and judgey expressions.

(based mostly on the 2019 BBC miniseries book tie-in cover)
'fanfic  "crack  -lesmiserables  *valjean  *fantine  *javert  *cosette  *thenardier  :500-2k  @pilferingapples  $gen 
january 2019 by sophia_sol
One Less, Seven More - genarti
A survivor of the barricade of the rue de la Chanvrerie, saved by a man who saves others.
'fanfic  ^feelings  -lesmiserables  *valjean  *oc  :500-2k  @genarti  *jeanne  $gen 
november 2018 by sophia_sol
Mademoiselle and Miss - Eglantine
Magnon wants a better life. It does not come about the way she expects.
'fanfic  -lesmiserables  +magnon/mamzellemiss  $femslash  *montparnasse  *theodule  *momes  :2k-10k  @eglantine  ^yeah 
july 2018 by sophia_sol
Emancipation - bobbiewickham
Azelma looks forward to a pampered life in America, and resorts to fantasies as an escape from her life of abuse and neglect--but she finds that her father's plan to get rich through the slave-trade has implications she didn't consider.
'fanfic  ^feelings  -lesmiserables  *azelma  :2k-10k  @robertawickham  $gen 
june 2018 by sophia_sol
Our Souls Still in Fetters - Cinaed
After Javert is assigned to discover a blackmailer within a public-house that caters to men who prefer other men, Valjean is unexpectedly drawn into the case. Together they must stop the blackmailer before any lives can be ruined...including their own.
'fanfic  -lesmiserables  +javert/valjean  :30k-40k  @cinaed  $dudeslash 
august 2017 by sophia_sol
dance this silence down (the emergency room remix) - Fahye
He's sitting in a car with all of his belongings in the back seat and his hands wrapped around the steering wheel, admitting to himself that a stupid, dizzy firework of a one-night-stand with a man he'd barely known is one of the only bright memories he has right now.

[In which Enjolras and Grantaire make some music, make some terrible decisions, and make a habit out of doing everything in the wrong order.]
the grantaire-pov remix of The People Sing by littledust
'fanfic  "au  "musician  -lesmiserables  +e/r  $dudeslash  *eponine  :40k-100k  @fahye 
december 2016 by sophia_sol
The People Sing - littledust
Cosette, an aspiring musician, is certain she's locked into her terrible recording contract forever and the public will never get to hear her music. Then a mysterious DJ named Enjolras remixes one of her original demos. She follows his digital trail to a club called the ABC, where she's offered the chance to join the music revolution. What ensues includes romance, past lives revealed, the making of an album, and a protest concert.
inspired by the DJenjolras twitter originally
'fanfic  "au  "modern  "musician  -lesmiserables  +cosette/eponine/marius  +e/r  *lesamis  :40k-100k  $multi  $poly  @littledust 
december 2016 by sophia_sol
The Terrible Light - bobbiewickham
Cosette begins to learn about her mother's past. Post-canon. (Sequel to Sub Rosa)
'fanfic  ^feelings  -lesmiserables  *cosette  *favourite  :2k-10k  $gen  @robertawickham 
november 2016 by sophia_sol
In Which Théodule Encounters the Shadows - bobbiewickham
Théodule's evening of fun turns out to be more complicated than expected.
an unusual ship, plausibly and entertainingly done
'fanfic  -lesmiserables  +magnon/montparnasse/theodule  :500-2k  @robertawickham  $poly  $multi 
september 2016 by sophia_sol
untitled - somuchbetterthanthat
“okay,” i say to myself like an evil person. “what if like, Fantine was happy, but there was still angst.” and thus this was born, don’t look at me please. 
'fanfic  -lesmiserables  "au  *valjean  *fantine  *cosette  :500-2k  @somuchbetterthanthat  $gen 
september 2016 by sophia_sol
Six Reasons Sherazade Claes Will Not Be The Beauxbatons Champion - Eglantine
Inspired by a series of very silly tumblr posts.

With the help of a pack of nineteenth-century ghosts, Beauxbatons seventh-year Sherazade Claes inadvertently guarantees she will not be traveling to the Triwizard Tournament.
'fanfic  "crossover  -lesmiserables  -harrypotter  *oc  *lesamis  "ghost  :500-2k  @eglantine 
august 2016 by sophia_sol
At the End of the Day - bobbiewickham
Marguerite draws Fantine out of her apartment for a day.
oh noooo it's sad BECAUSE it's so briefly lovely and happy but the reader knows what's coming :( but also I'm just so delighted there's actually fic about Marguerite
'fanfic  -lesmiserables  *marguerite  *fantine  $gen  :500-2k  @robertawickham 
june 2016 by sophia_sol
Nearly Historic - AMarguerite
Something would have to go very, very wrong for Courfeyrac to be in line for the family title-- and it does. Courfeyrac wisely uses his newfound privilege to punch Lafayette in the face.
'fanfic  "au  -lesmiserables  *courfeyrac  :2k-10k  $gen  @amarguerite 
june 2016 by sophia_sol
Trinité or, The Three Loves of Mademoiselle Lesgle de Meaux - Eglantine
Men who want to dress as women and women who want to dress as men know the person to ask is a seamstress called Musichetta. This unusual trade brings Musichetta in contact with Manon Lesgle and Anne Joly, two young women who wish to live as gentlemen in order to pursue their educations. But it's 1823: the King is dying, France is changing, and there is more to learn about the world and about themselves than either expected.

Gender-swapped Joly and Lesgle AU. Written for the Les Mis Big Bang 2016.
canon-era crossdressing lesbian poly! WHAT A GOOD.
'fanfic  "rule63  "crossdressing  -lesmiserables  $femslash  $poly  +bossuet/joly/musichetta  :10k-20k  @eglantine  ^delightful  *lesamis 
june 2016 by sophia_sol
World Ain't Ready - idiopathicsmile
Enjolras presses his lips together. He already looks pained, and Grantaire hasn't even opened his mouth yet. That's got to be a record, even for them.

"I need a favor," he says at last.

"With what?" says Grantaire. "Ooh, are you forming a cult? Can I join? I'd be awesome at cults, I just know it." He ticks off his qualifications on his fingers. "I love chanting, I look great in robes—"

(High school AU. Grantaire the disaffected stoner is pulled into a cause bigger than himself. Or: in which there are pretend boyfriends for great justice.)
as usual modern aus of les miserables tend not to work for me as les mis related, but I did enjoy this fic as its own thing
'fanfic  "au  "highschool  #  -lesmiserables  *lesamis  *eponine  +e/r  :>100k  @idiopathicsmile  $dudeslash 
june 2016 by sophia_sol
The Steam Comes To A Head - genarti
A high-pitched shriek pulled Feuilly from his sleep.
from the prompt: "Hot, steamy action very late at night, and loud enough to wake other people" and wilfully misinterpreted
'fanfic  -lesmiserables  *feuilly  *bahorel  :500-2k  $gen  @genarti  ^yep 
may 2016 by sophia_sol

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