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We must believe in only ourselves, can't let go of each other's hands by thunderingskies [Archive of Our Own]
The more Jungkook talks to Yoongi and Namjoon, the more he realizes that he's falling- fast and hard. He doesn't quite understand what their relationship is, where he fits into it or what he's allowed to want from two men who are already in a relationship with each other, but all he knows is how they make him feel.
Warm, happy. Safe.
He falls happily into their arms again, trusting them to give him everything that they're willing to- and to show him just how much they love making him weak at the knees.
BTS-Namgi  BTS-Namgikook  9k+  *  *lovely  threesome  BTS  1904  a.thunderingskies  saved  au 
yesterday by pastself
If we’re together, even an endless maze is paradise by thunderingskies [Archive of Our Own]
Jungkook walks into the bar with a plan: he's losing his virginity tonight.
He’s done waiting. Done with the awkward first dates, done sitting around waiting for a call or text back, done worrying about whether or not he’ll be good, done touching himself and fantasizing about what it’ll feel like to have someone else do it- he's just done.
Things are looking promising when he meets Yoongi; gorgeous, stunning Yoongi, who flirts and laughs and puts him at ease. They click instantly.
But then Yoongi's drop-dead gorgeous boyfriend shows up and Jungkook just might just be in for the ride of his life.
10k-15k  *  *lovely  threesome  a.thunderingskies  1904  saved  BTS-Namgikook  BTS-Namgi  BTS 
yesterday by pastself
玩 (play) by pjmcafe [Archive of Our Own]
erotic movies and two bros(who are kinda in love with each other)just being bros.
6k+  pwp  face-fucking  au  a.pjmcafe  *  1904  saved  BTS-Namgi  BTS 
yesterday by pastself
of lies and better truths by bootyfreckle [Archive of Our Own]
It’s completely normal to be nervous on your first time, this has been Hoseok’s mantra for the past hours but it’s getting louder and less convincing as time goes on.

(or, when things take an unexpected turn and they bring you so much more)
1k+  au  a.bootyfreckle  1904  *  BTS-Namseok  BTS 
3 days ago by pastself
together we'll count our stars by czar (cmajorchords) [Archive of Our Own]
When Kim Namjoon had taken the job at the radio station, he'd expected to learn how to use the recording equipment, not how to fall in love with the radio show host, Min Yoongi.
a.cmajorchords  *  au  1904  15k-20k  saved  BTS-Namgi  BTS 
4 days ago by pastself
There's a dark side to self-control. Here's why you should loosen up | New Scientist Nov 2018
"Willpower is the secret of success – or so we've been told. But too much can be bad for the body and mind. The trick is to know when to give in to temptation"

"Much of our current understanding of self-control stems from the work of psychologist Walter Mischel "

"What’s more, the greater obedience associated with high self-control may be damaging for oneself as well as others. People with high self-control report feeling less satisfied with their partners and colleagues, believing that others take advantage of their dependability."

"She found that small cues indicating high self-control (whether someone flosses their teeth, for instance) prompted volunteers to allocate them more work, while also underestimating the effort they would need to put in to complete the work. The assumption, it seemed, was that someone with high self-control could simply “get on with it”. Koval says she has witnessed many friends and colleagues who have been taken advantage of in this way. "

"And it gets worse. In the long run, high self-control can be a source of regret. ... Rather than feeling pride in their achievements, most wished that they had exercised less self-control, not more."

"Perhaps the most troubling finding, however, comes from a survey of nearly 700 African American families from poor neighbourhoods. In line with much of the previous research, teachers’ assessments of children’s self-control predicted many later outcomes: those scoring highly were more likely to enter college, for instance. Yet they also had high blood pressure and showed elevated levels of hormones commonly associated with stress."

" At the very least, programmes designed to boost self-control should offer greater support to help children cope with those additional stresses. But Uziel is also keen on using so-called nudge techniques to improve behaviour without the need for self-control. "

"As Uziel points out, people with high self-control may doggedly pursue a goal even once it has stopped being personally meaningful. You might also make more effort to deliberately leave empty windows in your diary that allow greater spontaneity and indulgence (see “A lazy path to self-control”)."
NewScientist  willpower  self-control  * 
4 days ago by pierredv
sent ✓ by pornographicpenguin [Archive of Our Own]
Lies, flirting and discussions of fandom in an omega-world. Alpha/alpha
*  1904  au  omega-verse  epistolary  30k-35k  BTS-Minjoon  BTS 
5 days ago by pastself
ugly boy (just crazy about me) by ToAStranger, thecopperkid [Archive of Our Own]
He gets to his feet and follows after Steve as he drags him across the ballroom and toward the bathrooms by the exit. Follows like a drooling dog, honestly, because Steve's got him ten kinds of fucked up in that suit and with that flush face and the rigid line of his shoulders.

And then Steve's shoving him into the bathroom, shutting the door behind them, pointing a finger in his face like the epitome of fury.

“You don't get to do this,” he says, seething and gorgeous.


Or: Billy's a jealous little shit; it doesn't go according to plan.
billy/steve  strangerthings  pwp  *  a.toastranger  a.thecopperkid  10k-15k  breath-play  daddykink 
5 days ago by pastself
got me up all night (all i'm singing is love songs) by granderre (patroclvss) [Archive of Our Own]
Agust D is a famous, mysterious rapper and producer whose face is a mystery to the general public. Min Yoongi, though, is a gay mess with a huge crush on emerging artist Kim Namjoon, also known as RM.

When music is your whole life, what better way to get your crush's attention than a playlist full of song recommendations?


[a twitter social media au]
a.patroclvss  7k+  au  *  *lovely  epistolary  1904  BTS-Namgi  BTS 
6 days ago by pastself
Fragile Like Glass by eron_less [Archive of Our Own]
Jimin thinks he knows what being an alpha means. But when he meets Namjoon, everything he thought he knew starts to change.
omega-verse  *  au  a.eron_less  wip  1904  BTS-Minjoon  BTS 
7 days ago by pastself
A Stitch in Time by fringecity (indiachick) [Archive of Our Own]
Jung Hoseok designs clothes for time-travelers, that they may not look out of place in historical time-periods. Kim Namjoon is a historian with an eye on the future, jumping through time, wanting to change the world.
9k+  au  a.indiachick  1904  *  *lovely  saved  BTS-Namseok  BTS 
9 days ago by pastself
what's cooking by lovker [Archive of Our Own]
Namjoon is a curse in the kitchen. Luckily, he finds cooking tutorials by youtuber Suga.
10k-15k  a.lovker  *  au  1904  *lovely  saved  BTS-Namgi  BTS 
9 days ago by pastself
Better Left Untouched by themarmalade [Archive of Our Own]
With a simple touch, Namjoon can hear thoughts. Jeongguk has a very good reason to never let him touch.
*  a.themarmalade  1904  saved  BTS-Namkook  BTS  Idol-verse 
9 days ago by pastself
Wound Up by jingle_jangle [Archive of Our Own]
Peter and Mr. Stark are struggling to repair a ship and get back to Earth after everyone else on Titan turns to dust. And when an accident doses Mr. Stark with sex pollen, their friendship is pushed to its limits.
sex-pollen  avengers  tony/peter  a.jingle_jangle  1904  wip  *  dub-con 
11 days ago by pastself
YouTube -- Turd Flinging Monkey: Political Trichotomy: Regarding the Religious Right
"...all the different factions that make up the supposed "Right" have nothing at all to do with each other: they don't like each other, they view each other as part of the Left – there's zero unity and it would be hilarious if it wasn't so tragic and I wasn't having my freedom threatened by this bullshit." -- Wolfpacks gonna pack
rkselectiontheory  ideology  religion  * 
17 days ago by adamcrowe

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