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GitHub - STRML/react-grid-layout: A draggable and resizable grid layout with responsive breakpoints, for React.
GitHub is where people build software. More than 27 million people use GitHub to discover, fork, and contribute to over 80 million projects.
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Recursive Preferences | SpringerLink
"Recursive preferences characterize the trade-offs between current and future consumption by summarizing the future with a single index, the certainty equivalent of next period’s utility. Recursive utility functions are built from two components. A risk aggregator encodes trade-offs across the outcomes of a static gamble and, hence, defines the certainty equivalent of future utility. A time aggregator encodes trade-offs between current consumption and the certainty equivalent of future utility. We suggest functional forms for time and risk aggregators with desirable properties for applications in economics and finance, such as the standard intertemporal consumption/portfolio problem, which we solve using dynamic programming."
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[1709.02012] On Fairness and Calibration
"The machine learning community has become increasingly concerned with the potential for bias and discrimination in predictive models. This has motivated a growing line of work on what it means for a classification procedure to be "fair." In this paper, we investigate the tension between minimizing error disparity across different population groups while maintaining calibrated probability estimates. We show that calibration is compatible only with a single error constraint (i.e. equal false-negatives rates across groups), and show that any algorithm that satisfies this relaxation is no better than randomizing a percentage of predictions for an existing classifier. These unsettling findings, which extend and generalize existing results, are empirically confirmed on several datasets. "
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Masterpieces of World Literature
"About this course
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This literature course explores how great writers refract their world and how their works are transformed when they intervene in our global cultural landscape today.

No national literature has ever grown up in isolation from the cultures around it; from the earliest periods, great works of literature have probed the tensions, conflicts, and connections among neighboring cultures and often more distant regions as well.

Focusing particularly on works of literature that take the experience of the wider world as their theme, this course will explore the varied artistic modes in which great writers have situated themselves in the world, helping us to understand the deep roots of today's intertwined global cultures.

Texts/authors considered in the course:

The Epic of Gilgamesh
Homer, The Odyssey
The 1001 Nights
Voltaire, Candide
Orhan Pamuk, My Name is Red
Wole Soyinka, Death and the King's Horseman
Lu Xun, Diary of a Madman
Eileen Chang
Murasaki Shikibu, The Tale of Genji
Jorge Luis Borges, Ficciones
Salman Rushdie and Jhumpa Lahiri
The Lusiads"
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[App of the Week] Hate looking for a notary? You need to download this.
iPhone (iOS 11+)
The best apps turn tedious, sometimes stressful processes into quick, painless tasks. When it comes to getting legal documents notarized, most of us don’t even know where to to find a notary. Notarize gives you the chance to scan documents and speak to a notary straight from your phone.
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