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Auston's not really expecting anything when he sort of impulse-swipes right on the two hot guys on Tinder, but then they match with him. It goes way better than he ever could have thought.
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18 hours ago by wolfgrin
The best cookbooks of all time, as chosen by the experts | Food | The Guardian
Prue Leith has said that cookery books are obsolete – but these chefs and food writers beg to differ. Raymond Blanc, Claudia Roden and others reveal the essential books every cook should own
books  guide  cooking  recipes  curated  reading  lists  guardian 
yesterday by asaltydog
Messy Nessy Chic - Cabinet of Chic Curiosities
From Vanessa Grall of Messy Nessy Chic Now also an eBook! The BEST PARIS SECRETS REVEALED by Vanessa Grall, Editor of MessyNessyChic You could spend a lifetime…
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yesterday by asaltydog
Huxley-Parlour | London Photography Gallery | Buy Prints & Visit Photography Exhibitions
Huxley-Parlour Gallery in Mayfair offers a vibrant exhibition programme focused on presenting photographic artists who have shaped the history of the medium, and continue to do so in the present day. The gallery is devoted to providing an enjoyable and stimulating platform for photography.
photography  contemporary  art  gallery  exhibition  events  mayfair  westminster  london 
3 days ago by asaltydog
Academie Goncourt
Le prix Goncourt est un prix littéraire français récompensant des auteurs d'expression française, créé par le testament d'Edmond de Goncourt en 1892. La Société littéraire des Goncourt est officiellement fondée en 1902 et le premier prix Goncourt proclamé le 21 décembre 1903.
publishing  books  french  literature  awards  paris  france 
3 days ago by asaltydog
New on IFTTT: Aquanta
Aquanta is a retrofittable water heater controller brings your electric or gas water heater out of the basement and into the palm of your hand to heat water only when you need it. Aquanta Applets can help you manage your water heater automatically!
Published November 14, 2018 at 11:00AM
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5 days ago by evansthompson
SI Redefinition | NIST
This November, in Versailles, France, representatives from 57 countries are expected to make history.  They will vote to dramatically transform the international system that underpins global science and trade. This single action will finally realize scientists’ 150-year dream of a measurement system based entirely on fundamental properties of nature.
government  science  physics  technology  engineering  metrology  measurement  standards  research  institute 
7 days ago by asaltydog
Coronation Meadows
Find a meadow near you , plan a walk or get involved with a local community and help conserve the UK’s meadows. A Message from HRH The Prince Of Wales "My…
royal  project  garden  plants  seeds  grasses  wildlife  habitats  meadows  wildflowers 
8 days ago by asaltydog
New on IFTTT: GarageWiFi & Gates
Open, close and monitor your garage door or gate from anywhere in the world.
Published November 9, 2018 at 07:02PM
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